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Thomas Staniforth & Co.

Thomas Staniforth & Co. was a Scythe and Sickle works founded in 1743 at Hackenthorpe, Derbyshire. The Company was founded by Thomas Staniforth of Hackenthorpe and was then passed down through the generations.

Thomas Worsley Staniforth

Thomas Worlsey Staniforth, born June 7th 1845 was a hymn composer and longtime music master at Highgate School, London

Darnall Hall

Darnall Hall was a large residence that stood in Darnall, now a suburb of Sheffield. It was built by Samuel Staniforth and his wife Alethea in 1723.

Surname Origins

Information on Stanyford, near Wincobank, believed to be the origin of the surname Staniforth.

Elijah Naboth Staniforth

Elijah Naboth Staniforth, born on August 30th, 1790 was a Sickle manufacturer, notable for building Mosborough Hill House.

Irish Lighthouse Keepers

The Lighthouse keepers and Coast Guards of Ireland.

Wincobank Hall

Large Manor house that was once located in Wincobank in the parish of Ecclesfield

Thomas Staniforth

The son of Samuel Staniforth & Alethea Macro, notable for being elected Lord Mayor of Liverpool.

William Moorwood Staniforth

The son of William Staniforth and Sarah Hannah Moorwood, Soldier in the Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons, killed in 1917.

Rowland Staniforth

Son of Thomas Staniforth and Ann Hibbard of Hackenthorpe, setup Hoole & Staniforth with Henry Hoole of Sheffield

Litfield Farm

Litfield Farm, in Ridgeway, Eckington was the home of the Staniforths for over 400 years.

Henry Staniforth

Henry Staniforth, died at Herdings, Norton in 1575.

Jonathan & Timothy Staniforth

Notable Non-Comformists that preached around Derbyshire.

William Staniforth of Litfield

Sickle smith and owner of Litfield Farm.

William Staniforth of Sloade Lane

Sickle smith of Sloade Lane.

William Staniforth of Hackenthorpe

Sickle smith of Hackenthorpe, head of the large Staniforth family in the parish.

Samuel Staniforth of Hackenthorpe

Sickle smith of Hackenthorpe, father of Thomas Staniforth of Thomas Staniforth & Co.

Thomas Staniforth of Hackenthorpe

Thomas Staniforth of Hackenthorpe, founder of Thomas Staniforth & Co.

Thomas Staniforth II of Hackenthorpe

Thomas Staniforth II of Hackenthorpe, Sicklesmith

George Staniforth of Litfield

George Staniforth of Litfield and Barlborough

Staniforth Place Names

Staniforth Place names around the world

Stephen Staniforth

Stephen Staniforth, Sicklesmith of Hackenthorpe

John Staniforth

John Staniforth, Sicklesmith of Hackenthorpe

Stephen Staniforth II

Stephen Staniforth, Sicklesmith of Hackenthorpe


The village of Hackenthorpe

Charles Heaton Staniforth

Charles Heaton Stnaiforth, Coal Miner of Hackenthorpe

Herbert Heaton Staniforth

Herbert Heaton Stnaiforth, Coal Miner of Hackenthorpe

Winsor Heaton Staniforth

Winsor Heaton Stnaiforth, Coal Miner of Hackenthorpe (Later of Woodhouse)

Oswald Staniforth

Oswald Stnaiforth, Franciscan Monk

Sampson Staniforth

Sampson Stnaiforth, Soldier of the War of the Austrian Succession

Paul Staniforth

Paul Staniforth, Chimney sweep of Portobello Street, Sheffield

Joseph Morewood Staniforth

Joseph Morewood, Welsh Political Cartoonist

George Staniforth

George Staniforth of Bolsterstone

Samuel Staniforth Ltd

Samuel Staniforth's Forge, Carver Street, Sheffield

William Thomas Staniforth

Cutler of the Ascend Works, Sheffield

John Patteson

Mayor of Norwich

John Staniforth Patteson

Mayor of Norwich

Birley Spa

Bath house in Hackenthorpe

Henry Staniforth Patteson

Norfolk Politician and Brewer

John Staniforth of Darnall

Gentleman of Darnall

Henry Tywhitt Staniforth Patteson

Brewer of Norfolk

Thomas Asline Ward

Sheffield Politican and Cutler

Frederick Greenwood

Frederick Greenwood, Magistrate

John Greenwood

John Greenwood, MP

Edwin Wilfrid Stanyforth

World War I Commander

William Staniforth

Sheffield Surgeon

Staniforth Road

Darnall, Sheffield, England

Disney Staniforth

Of Firbeck Hall, Rotherham

Hoole, Staniforth & Co.

Toolmakers of Sheffield, England

Samuel Staniforth

Colliery owner, Esquire of Mosborough Hall

Bramley Hall

Bramley Farm Hall, Eckington

Mark Staniforth

Sicklesmith of Troway, Eckington

Hutton-Staniforth Connection

Relationship between the Huttons of Ridgeway and the Staniforths

Thomas Staniforth of Natchez, Mississippi

Carpenter and Builder from England, resided in Mississippi

Nether Wheel

Nether Wheel or the Lower Sickle Wheel, Normanton Spring

Carr Forge

Carr Forge, Shirebrook Valley, Hackenthorpe

Staniforths of Arundel

Staniforths of Arundel, Quebec

Rainbow Forge

Rainbow Forge, Shirebrook Valley, Hackenthorpe

Rosamund Du Cane

Rosamund Du Cane, Staniforth family researcher

John Staniforth, Beighton Miller

Miller and Farmer of Beighton & Mosborough

Luke Staniforth, Butcher of Mosborough

Luke Staniforth, Butcher of Mosborough

John Staniforth Of Mosborough

John Staniforth Of Mosborough

Staniforth Arms Pub

The Staniforth Arms, Attercliffe, Sheffield

Staniforth Pubs

The Various Pubs owned by the Staniforth family

Brook Lane Explosion, 1848

An Explosion that rattled the village of Hackenthorpe in 1848

Godfrey Staniforth of Beighton

Godfrey Staniforth, died in Beighton 1664.

Firearm Accident at Brampton-en-le-Morthen

Firearm Accident at Brampton-en-le-Morthen in 1852

Thomas Staniforth III of Hackenthorpe

Thomas Staniforth III, Sicklesmith of Hackenthorpe

Thomas Staniforth IV of Hackenthorpe

Thomas Staniforth IV, Sicklesmith of Hackenthorpe

Staniforths of Braithwell and Tickhill

Staniforths of Braithwell and Tickhill

William Staniforth of Hackenthorpe

William Staniforth of Hackenthorpes

Walter Staniforth of Hackenthorpe

Walter Staniforth of Hackenthorpes, and his suicide in 1894.

John Staniforth & Elizabeth Grammar

John Staniforth & Elizabeth Grammar

George Staniforth & Ann Barker

George Staniforth & Ann Barker of Hackenthorpe

Edith Heaton Staniforth (Brown)

Edith Heaton Brown (nee Staniforth) of Beighton

John Staniforth and Jane Lewys

John Staniforth and Jane Lewys of Darnall

George Thomas Carter

George Thomas Carter, Managing Director of Thomas Staniforth & Co.

The Missing Norton Manor Court Rolls

The Missing Norton Manor Court Rolls

The Staniforths of Texas

The Staniforths of Texas, USA

John Staniforth and Mary Carnall

John Staniforth and Mary Carnall

John Staniforth and Mary Hurt

John Staniforth and Mary Hurt

The Morans of Milltownpass

The Moran family of Milltownpass, Westmeath, Ireland

Staniforth Plasterers

A Mysterious line of Staniforth's that worked as plasterers in Eckington and Harthill.

Rev. Thomas Staniforth

Rev. Thomas Staniforth of Storrs Hall

Le Tall's of Woodhouse

The Le Tall family of Woodhouse

William Staniforth & Sarah Parkin

William Staniforth & Sarah Parkin

Humphrey Staniforth

Humphrey Staniforth, died in Sheffield 1623

John Hibbard

John Hibbard of Hackenthorpe & Woodhouse

Thomas Staniforth of Loughborough

Thomas Staniforth of Loughborough

The Ward-Staniforth Connection

The Connection between the Wards and the Staniforths

Robert Staniforth, Tanner

Robert Staniforth, Tanner of Ford, Ridgeway

Samuel Staniforth of Grimesthorpe

Samuel Staniforth, Mercer

The Hounsfields of Hackenthorpe

The Hounsfield Family of Hackenthorpe

Samuel Staniforth's Umbrella

Samuel Staniforth and one of Sheffield's first Umbrellas

Maurice Eadon Staniforth

Maurice Eadon Staniforth of Crookes

Attercliffe Hill Top Chapel

History of the Attercliffe Chapel

Percy Staniforth of Mosborough

Casualty of World War I

Gaulstown House, Westmeath, Ireland

Seat of the Rochfort Family

John Staniforth, Solicitor of Sheffield

Paradise Square, Shefifeld

A Robbery at Troway

Robbery on the road between Troway and Coal Aston

Francis and Margaret Staniforth of Australia

Francis and Margaret Staniforth of Bairnsdale, Australia

The Murder of Will Cogin

Luke Staniforth is the prime suspect in the murder of Sir George Sitwell's Gamekeeper at Renishaw Hall

Eckington Fire

Fire at George Staniforth's Farm, Eckington, 1846

William Henry Staniforth

Stone Mason & Builder of Sothall, Beighton

Joel Staniforth

Joel Staniforth from Southey Green, late of Attercliffe

Cawton Staniforth

Cawton Staniforth from Sheffield, late of Jersey

Friendly Staniforth

Friendly Staniforth from Mortomley, Chapeltown

John Henry and Sydney Herbert Staniforth

Two Staniforth Brothers raised by different families.

William Frith Staniforth

Ohio Veterinarian Dr. William Frith Staniforth.

Arthur Worrall Staniforth

Arthur Worrall Staniforth, Sheffield Fruit Knife Manufacturer.

Smallpage Staniforth

Smallpage Staniforth of Hull.

Elijah Farewell Staniforth

Elijah Farewell Staniforth of Kilnhurst.

Hugh Staniforth

Hugh Staniforth of Hackenthorpe.

Carnall Staniforth

Carnall Staniforth of Prestwich.

Drake House

Drake House, Beighton

The Staniforths of Aston

The Staniforth family of Aston, Yorkshire

John Thomas Staniforth

John Thomas Staniforth, Gamekeeper

John William Staniforth

John William Staniforth of Sheffield and Hinderwell

John Hamilton Maxwell Staniforth

John Hamilton Maxwell Staniforth, World War I Veteran

George Wild Staniforth

George Wild Staniforth of Sheffield and Thetford

The Platts Family

The Platts family of Hackenthorpe

Hackenthorpe Local Place names

Places in the village of Hackenthorpe

Hackenthorpe Pubs

Old and New pubs in Hackenthorpe

Samuel Heaton Staniforth

Samuel Heaton Staniforth of Hackenthorpe

The Staniforths of Ormskirk

The large Staniforth family that spent centuries in Ormskirk

John Henry Staniforth

JH Staniforth, Prisoner of War during World War II

Harry Staniforth

Harry Staniforth, Customs and Excise officer from Salford and Bakewell

The New Inn

The New Inn, Hackenthorpe

Severquick Works Cricket Team

Thomas Staniforth & Co/Severquick Works Cricket Team

Reuben Staniforth

Reuben Staniforth of The Parrot Inn

Levi Staniforth

Levi Staniforth, Chemist/Druggist

William Lowley Staniforth

William Lowley Staniforth, British Navy Captain

Greenside House

Greenside House in Hackenthorpe