Cleveland, Ohio

Medina Sentinel - April 28, 1916

William Frith Staniforth was born in 1868 in Caernarvon (modern day Caernarfon) in North Wales. His father John Thomas Staniforth (see our article here) was from Leicestershire, whilst his mother Elizabeth Tallack was from Surrey. His grandfather Benjamin Staniforth married his namesake Ann Frith from Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire on July 20th 1841.

On the 1871 Census, the family lived at Bracknell and Crowthorn Road, Nine Mile Ride, Easthampstead, Berkshire. John T Staniforth, head of the household is aged 29, he is working as a Game Keeper. His wife Elizabeth is aged 24 and two sons are present, William F, aged 2 and Frederick G, aged 1.

On the 1881 Census, the family are living in Tryddyn, Flintshire, Wales. John T Staniforth is now 39, still working as a Game Keeper with his 34 year old wife. William F is a 12 year old Scholar along with his 11 year old brother Frederick G. There are also three daughters in the house, Lizzie E Staniforth aged 8, Ada L Staniforth aged 3 and Nelly Staniforth aged 1.

Based on Immigration records William Frith Staniforth sailed to the United States in 1886. His brother Frederick George Staniforth also joined him in Ohio.

On May 26th 1892, William Frith Staniforth, a single man, married Nettie B Finucan, a single woman in Cuyahoga Ohio. The following year, in 1893, William is naturalized as a US Citizen.

On the 1900 Census, the family are residing in Cleveland, Ohio William is aged 33 and is described as a Dog Doctor, originally from Wales. His wife Nettie is 24, birthplace Ohio. There are 2 sons, Ralph T Staniforth, aged 7 and Arthur Staniforth, aged 5. A daughter Genevieve Staniforth aged 3 is also present.

On the 1910 Census, the family are again in Cleveland, Ohio, William is now 40, with his profession being recorded as Surgeon, Veterinary. Curiously his birthplace reads Wales, England. His wife Nettie B is now 38, Ralph T is 16 and working as a Bell Boy at a Hotel, Arthur W is a 14 year old Salesman at a Drugstore, Genevieve is 12. There are also 5 more children present; Beatrice N Staniforth aged 9, Rena M Staniforth aged 8, Viola H Staniforth aged 5, Florence G Staniforth aged 3 and Ernest C Staniforth aged 0.

In the Oakland Tribune dated March 31, 1910, a disgruntled writer makes reference to Dr. William Staniforth’s work in Cleveland, the article reads:

‘Many kinds of so-called philanthropy can be classed as worse than foolish- they are positively mischievous and harmful. To this class belongs the scheme of Dr. Staniforth of Cleveland, Ohio, to establish a national home for stray cats and dogs. It is a waste of money and effort to preserve the lives of useless animals. The best way to dispose of such worthless creatures is to put them to a painless death. There is enough human misery in the world to alleviate without wasting philanthropy on no account brutes. However, the charitable instinct often runs in cranky channels.’

In the Medina Sentinel Newspaper dated April 28, 1916, an article showing an image of Dr. W. F Staniforth ‘Dog and Cat Specialist’ is published, the article reads:

‘Thirty years ago Dr. Staniforth established the first “Dog and Cat” Hospital in the world in Cleveland. Previous to that he had made a study of animals in England, where he was born. Since coming to Cleveland Dr. Staniforth has handled more than 25,000 dogs and 18,000 cats, and in many cases has saved an animal in apparently hopeless conditions and restored it to normal health. It is because of his achievements that he has gained the confidence of many of the dog and cat owners of the country. Dr Staniforth has devoted a great deal of time in finding homes and caring for homeless dogs and cats.

For any ailment your dog may have there is a “Dr. Staniforth” remedy and upon receipt of $1 the one you desire will be sent you. Dogs clipped and decorated. Male cats operated upon make fine house pets. Bad teeth cause many ailments – have them fixed.

On December 15 1917, William F Staniforth, son of John T Staniforth and Elizabeth Tallack marries Margaret E Partenfelder, daughter of Fred Beyer and Rose Armbruster, both are divorced.

On the 1920 William Staniforth is living alone in Cleveland, listed as Divorced.

On the 1930 Census, William Staniforth is now 60 and strangely listed as a Widow, his occupation is recorded as Doctor, Veterinary.

Finally, William Frith Staniforth passes away on November 9, 1938 in Cleveland, Ohio.