This page contains a number of wills that have been transcribed from the original handwritten documents. In many cases due to the age and the handwriting of the original documents, it is hard to decipher the wills, however great time and care has been put into ensuring these transcriptions are as accurate as possible. If you have a will linked to the Staniforth family that you would like to donate, please get in touch with us using the following email address:

Due to many of these wills being multiple pages in length, we have decided to organize the names in alphabetical order, simply find the correct name and click the link to view the transcript

NamePlaceWill YearNotes
Richard StanyforthWincobank1586Richard Stanyforth of Wincobank
William StaniforthEckington1671William Staniforth of Sloade Lane
William StaniforthHackenthorpe1696William Staniforth of Hackenthorpe
Samuel StaniforthEckington1756Samuel Staniforth of Hackenthorpe
George StaniforthEckington1757George Staniforth of Litfield and Barlborough
Thomas HextCornwall1757Thomas Hext, grandfather of John Hext, the husband of Elizabeth Staniforth
Thomas StaniforthHackenthorpe1776Thomas Staniforth of Hackenthorpe
Thomas StaniforthThe Marsh, Eckington1782Thomas Staniforth The Elder of Hackenthorpe
Thomas StaniforthHackenthorpe1808Thomas Staniforth of Hackenthorpe
Thomas StaniforthMosborough1825Thomas Staniforth of Mosborough Moor
John StaniforthEckington1834John Staniforth of Troway
Elijah Naboth StaniforthMosborough1842Elijah Naboth Staniforth of Mosborough Moor
Thomas StaniforthHackenthorpe1846Thomas Staniforth of Hackenthorpe
Hugh StaniforthHackenthorpe1852Hugh Staniforth of Hackenthorpe
Henry StaniforthOrmskirk1864Henry Staniforth of Ormskirk
Brook Lane DeedsHackenthorpe1700s-1922Deeds related to the Heaton Staniforths of Hackenthorpe