Over the years I have collected a large number of photos, both of the Staniforth's themselves as well as places and items related to the family. These come from all over the world, from the United Kingdom to the United States and Australia. Due to the large volume of the collection, I decided to use an external system to store the photos. The links below will lead to specific Flickr albums. I feel that this not only saves space on this website, but also allows people to easily locate an image related to a specific place. We are always looking for more photos, whether they be of people, places or even documents, if you wish to share an image on this website feel free to contact me at nathan@staniforthfamily.com

As well as being organized by location, we have also organized the albums by Places, People, and Graves.


Places - People - Graves - Items


Places -


Places - People - Graves - Items


Graves -