The Staniforth family has been very fortunate in the sense that the various Archives in cities such as Sheffield, Liverpool and Matlock have done a great job in the preservation of historic documents relating to the family. Various letters exist from a range of time periods and below you will see a selection of them. Of course this page will continue to grow as we digtize more documents, and as always if you have any personal correspondances or letters between Staniforths, feel free to contact us at

Thomas Staniforth & Co.

The following letters are dated 1908, and based on the signature, were written by Charles Helliwell, the Managing Director. Charles was the son of George Helliwell and Sarah Tillotson. George was known for smithing Sickles at the nearby Throstlenest Farm until he was forced to cease due to noise complaints made by people passing on their horse and carts. Eventually Thomas Staniforth & Co. bought George's small business and decades later we see his son working as Managing Director of the same company that bought his father out.