Dated 1902

Below is the will of Aaron Staniforth, son of Charles Staniforth and wife of Emma Stancer

Be it known that Aaron Staniforth of 70 Clifford Street, South Wigston in the County of Leicester, Ironfounders Pattern Maker who at the time of his death had a fixed place of above at South Wigston aforesaid within the district of the Counties of Leicester and Rutland died on the 6th day of February 1902 at South Wigston aforesaid.


And be it further known that the date hereunder written Letters of Administration of all the estate which by law devolves to and vests in the personal representative of the said intestate were granted by his majesty's High Court of Justice at the District Probate Registry thereof at Leicester to Emma Staniforth of 70 Clifford Street aforesaid the lawful widow and relict of the said intestate/

Dated the 21st day of February 1902

Gross value of Estate 90 pounds 8.0

Net value of Personal Estate 90 pounds 8.0

Extracted by the Administrator