Dated October 6 1696

William Staniforth's mark on the will.

Below is the will of William Staniforth, baptised on the 22nd February 1640, the son of William Staniforth and Elizabeth Hodgson, and the husband of Lydia.

In Dei Nomine Amen. I William Staniforth of Hackenthorpe in the P(ar)ish of Beighton and Countie of Derby Sicklesmith being weake in Body but of Sound and perfect Memory praise be given to Almighty god for the same doe make and ordaine this my Last Will and Testament in Manner and forme hereafter following,

First and principally I Commend my Soule into the hands of Almighty God my Creatour hopeing Assuredly Through the Merritts and Mediations of Jesus Christ My Onely Saviour and Redeemer, to Obtaine Free pardon and forgivenesse of all my Sins And My Body I Committ to the Earth From Whence it Came, to be Decently Buried att the Discretion of My Executrix hereafter Nominated: And as For My Worldly Estate Wherewith itt hath pleased God to Blesse me Withall I Give and dispose of the Same as Followeth

First I Give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth Jessoppe the wife of Francis Jessoppe the Sume of Twelve pence to be paid her within a twelve moneth after my Decese

It(em) I Give and Bequeath unto My daughter Lydia Booth the Wife of phillip Booth the Sume of Twelve pence to be paid her within a Twelve moneth aftter my Decease

It(em) I Give and Bequeath unto My Daughter Rebechah Hancocke the wife of Gervas Hancocke the Sume of Twelve pence within a Twelvemoneth after my Decease

It(em) I Give and Bequeath unto My daughter Mary Staniforth One Cottage and a Croft with part of the Orcheard w(h)ich are Now In The tenure or Occupation of Mary Hurt Widow to be Injoyed by her Imediately after the death of my Executrix hereafter Named

It(em) I Give and Bequeath unto my Sonne Samuell Staniforth One Close called the Cliffe Imediately after the Desese of my Executrix hereafter Named, And All of the Smithey tooles And the Wheele Garres Within a Twelve Moneth after my decease

All the Rest of my Houses Lands Goods and Chattells (My Debts Legacies and Funerall Expences being discharged) I Give and Bequeath unto My Loving wife Lydiah Staniforth And I doe Make and appoint the Said Lidia My Loving wife Sole Executrix of this My Last Will and Testament, And I doe hereby make Null and void all Former and other Will and Wills or Testaments by me heretofore made And doe declare this Onely to be My Last Will and Testament

In Wittnesse Whereof I have hereunto sett My hand and Seal the Sixth day of October In the year of our Lord God One Thousand Six hundred Ninety Six

Will(iam) Staniforth his Marke

Will(iam) Staniforth his Marke

Testament in p(re)sente off

Robert Haslehurst

Will(iam) Stenton his Marke

Tho(mas) Bramall


A true and perfect Inventory made of all the Goods Chattles Catles and personall Estate of William Staniforth of Hackenthorpe in the parish of Beighton and County of Derby Sicklesmith apprised the 11th day of November 1696 By us whose Names are Under Written

Imp(rimi)s His purse and Apparell 300  
 One Andiron and Gallowbawk a pair of Tonges and fireshovell one      
 spitt a pair of Rackes and a Warming pan a toasting iron      
 one other pair of Racks and a dripping pan, 2 chopping knifes0150  
 Two iron potts 1 iron pott one brass pan one possnet, one brass     
 pan, A skellet and frying pann 100 
 One Cupboard a Chest and 2 Turn(e)d Cheres 3 seeld Chaires      
 3 Buffits and a Little Table 1100 
 A Dozen of Chussions 060 
 Nine pewter dishes 3 pewter plates 2 Candle sticks 2 flagons and      
 3 porringers  100
 Three Kitts a Churn 2 Lumes a barrell and 2 Trunkes0100  
  Goods in the Parlor    
 one Bedsted and furniture to it 300 
 Two Chests  050
 Three pair of sheets 2 pair of drawers and a Dozen of Napkins0150  
  Goods in the Chamber    
 Two beds with furniture 500 
 Two Chests with some other things 100 
  Goods in the Buttrey    
 one Kneading trow one doshen and two bowles050  
  Goods in the Smithy    
 Two paire of Bellows 2 Anvels, 6 paire of Tonges and other      
 necessaries belonging  368 
 Two Mares and a fole 500 
 Three Cowes  800
 one swine  0100
 Thirty Sheep  500
 old Corn in the House 068 
  Corne in the Barn    
 Wheat  200
 Oates  300
 Pease  1100
 Hey  1100
 Two Cartes 2 Harrows 2 pair of Gayres 3100  
 one Cart saddle 2 other saddles one standheck 068  
 2 swine troughs Hens and cocks and Husselments 084  
   Sum(m)e totall is52144
 Debts oweing to the said William staniforth at the time of his death     
 Widow Tomson and Fran(ci)s Tomson 3176 
 Thomas Donkin  100
 Sevell Jones  176
 Debts desperate Samuel Turner 0170 
 A true Coppy written on a stampt sheet of paper according to an Act of parliam(en)t Thomas Gillett   
 Tho(mas) Staniforth     
 Robert Haslehurst     
 William Stenton his mark