The Brown paper that held the documents together

The following links show transcripts of original deeds and indentures related to the Heaton Staniforth family of Hackenthorpe, Derbyshire (Now Sheffield, South Yorkshire). The documents were discovered in the cellar at #1 Brook Lane. This particular house was originally the home of Stephen Staniforth, the man mentioned in some of the more recent indentures, it was then passed to his son Charles Heaton Staniforth, and upon his death in 1917, and the homes were auctioned off. His sons Samuel Heaton Staniforth and Herbert Heaton Staniforth purchased the homes back, and Herbert resided at #3 and Samuel at #1.

Herbert Heaton Staniforth had his own children at #3, Winsor Heaton Staniforth, Albert Heaton Staniforth, Hilda Heaton Staniforth and Horace Heaton Staniforth, while Samuel had his family at #1, including Samuel Heaton Staniforth II, May Heaton Staniforth (She married John Pemberton), Willis Heaton Staniforth and Kate Heaton Staniforth.

Samuel Heaton Staniforth passed away at the home in 1964, and though much development was carried out in this area, #1 appears to have remained and although much remodeling has been carried out, it is still regarded as the home of the Heaton Staniforth family.

Many decades later, Samuel Heaton Staniforth’s great granddaughter Karen Ann Howells (nee Newstead), the daughter of Winifred Staniforth, who in turn was the daughter of Samuel Heaton Staniforth II was in possession of the home.

When they met with the solicitor to finalize the sale, she pulled out a stack of documents, covered in brown paper which was wrapped in string. The solicitor ‘threw them to one side to get to the current stuff’ and Karen asked if she could see the parcel. When she explained about her family tree the solicitor allowed her to take them.

The following links will show the transcripts of these documents that were wrapped in the brown paper, with a string keeping them together. We are grateful to Karen for not only providing these images, but for also taking the time to transcribe each individual document so that the history may be preserved and shared.

Name YearNames Mentioned
Indenture A1790Richard Taylor of Sloade Lane, John & Thomas Gilberthorpe of Dinnington, George Greaves of Dinnington, Thomas Crowther
Indenture B1790Richard Taylor of Sloade Lane, John & Thomas Gilberthorpe of Dinnington, George Greaves of Dinnington, Robert & Esther Staniforth of Hackenthorpe, John & Sarah Bayles of Dinnington
Indenture C1830George Greaves of Rotherham (Son of George Greaves of Dinnington), Thomas Stocks of Rotherham, Thomas Cowen of Rotherham, John Challenger, Richard Taylor, John & Thomas Gilberthorpe, Thomas Crowther, William Cartledge, James Woodhead, Thomas Badger
Indenture D1840George Greaves, Thomas Stocks, Thomas Cowen, Joseph Liversedge
Indenture ENot Yet TranscribedNot Yet Transcribed
Indenture F1848Thomas Smith Badger of 3 Exxex Court, London, Charles Heaton of Hackenthorpe, Thomas Law of Rotherham
Indenture G11856Samuel Heaton of Chapel Street, Bridgehouses, Sheffield, Stephen Staniforth of Hackenthorpe, Ann Staniforth his wife, Henry Parkin Badger of Rotherham
Indenture G21877Charles Heaton Staniforth, Sarah Ann Liddelow, William Liddelow J W Badger
Indenture H11877Charles Heaton Staniforth, Elizabeth Law, Earl Manvers
Indenture H21895Charles Heaton Staniforth, Charles Herbert Moss
Indenture I1877Charles Heaton Staniforth, Thomas Wright Badger,Frederick Parker Rhodes
Indenture J1880Charles Heaton Staniforth, Thomas Bradshaw of South Bailey, The Right Reverend Henry Seymour of Holme Pierrepont, Sydney William Herbert Earl Manvers, Most Noble Algernon George Duke of Northumberland, Hugh Edward Egerton of 15 Eaton Place
Indenture K1887Frederick Parker Rhodes, Thomas Wright Badger
Indenture L1917Thomas Sidney Smith of Beighton, William Henry Staniforth of Beighton, Samuel Heaton Staniforth of Hackenthorpe, Herbert Heaton Staniforth of Hackenthorpe
Indenture M1917Samuel Heaton Staniforth, Herbert Heaton Staniforth, Harry Hutton of Chequers Hotel, South Elmsall, Pontefract
Indenture N1922Samuel Heaton Staniforth, Herbert Heaton Staniforth