Front of Indenture F

The Following is a Lease and Release dated February 15th, 1848


Conveyance of two Cottages, Garden and Premises in Hackenthorpe in the County of Derby.

This Indenture made the fifteenth day of February one thousand eight hundred and forty eight BETWEEN THOMAS SMITH BADGER of 3 Essex Court, Temple, London Barrister at Law, a bachelor of the first part, CHARLES HEATON OF Hackenthorpe in the Parish of Beighton in the County of Derby Mason of the second part and THOMAS LAW of Rotherham in the County of York Mercer and Draper of the third part WHEREAS by a Statutory Incentive of Release dated the twenty eight day of December One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Seven made between GEORGE GREAVES Publican and Christiana his wife of the first part ROBERT BENTLEY Common Brewer of the second part JOSEPH LIVERSIDGE Blacksmith of the third part and the said THOMAS SMITH BADGER of the fourth part THE Cottages or Tenements Gardens and Hereditaments thereinafter described and hereby granted and conveyed intended so to be, WERE for the considerations in the now writing Indenture mentioned , granted and conveyed UNTO AND TO THE ONLY PROPER USE AND BEHALF of the said THOMAS SMITH BADGER his heirs and assigns forever. And whereas the said THOMAS SMITH BADGER hath contracted and agreed with the said CHARLES HEATON for the absolute sale to him of the Cottages or tenements Garden and Hereditaments thereinafter described and granted and **** or intended so to be and the fee simple and inhabitants thereof free from all incumbents whatsoever at or for the price or sum of ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN POUNDS of lawful English money and the said CHARLES HEATON is desirous that the said hereditaments shall be conveyed.

Back of Indenture F

This is only a quarter of the Indenture which is a lease

On reverse of the Indenture is the release.

Received on the day and year first within written of and from the within named CHARLES HEATON the sum of ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN POUNDS being the consideration money within mentioned to be paid by him to me.




Signed sealed and delivered (having first only stamped) by the within named THOMAS SMITH BADGER in the presence of JOHN SIDNEY SMITH No1 Stone Buildings, STEPHEN JOHNSTONE his Clerk

Signed sealed and delivered by the within named CHARLES HEATON in the presence of THOMAS S BADGER


In 3 Parts

People named …….

1st Part

Thomas Smith Badger of 3 Essex Court, London – Barrister at Law

2nd Part

Charles Heaton of Hackenthorpe - Mason

3rd Part

Thomas Law of Rotherham – Mercer & Draper

Previous Release E dated 28th December 1847

People named…..

George Greaves – Publican

Christiana Greaves – his wife

Robert Bentley – Common Brewer

Joseph LIversedge - Blacksmith

Thomas Smith Badger – Barrister at Law

Contracted & agreed an absolute sale of Cottages for £119

On reverse is the release in which Charles Heaton pays £119 to Thomas Smith Badger – Barrister at Law

Charles Heaton died 19th April 1848 as this Indenture was dated 15th February 1848