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The Following is a lease dated January 8th, 1790 between Richard Taylor and George Greaves.

THIS INDENTURE made the eight day of January in the thirtieth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King George the Third and in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety BETWEEN RICHARD TAYLOR of Slode Lane in the parish of Eckington in the County of Derby Yeoman JOHN GILBERTHORPE of Dinnington in the County of York Yeoman and THOMAS GILBERTHORPE of the same place Yeoman of the one part and GEORGE GREAVES of Dinnington aforesaid Yeoman of the other part. Witnesseth that the said RICHARD TAYLOR, JOHN GILBERTHORPE and THOMAS GILBERTHORPE in consideration of the sum of Five Shillings a piece of lawful money of Great Britain to them in hand paid by the said GEORGE GREAVES upon the sealings and delivery of these present the receipt whereof they do hereby sevorally acknowledge and for other good causes and considerations they then the said RICHARD TAYLOR, JOHN GILBERTHORPE and THOMAS GILBERTHORPE HAVE and each and every of them HATH bargained sold and demised and by there presents DO and each and every of them DOTH bargain sell and demise unto the said GEORGE GREAVES his executors administrators and assigns ALL that Cottage House or Tenement and Gardens with the appurtenances situate and being in Hackenthorpe in the parish of Beighton in the said County of Derby in the possession of THOMAS CROWTHER but now empty formally in two tenements with a seat or pew in the Parish Church of Beighton aforesaid TOGETHER with all Houses Outhouses Edifices Buildings Orchards Gardens Backsides Ways Easements Water Watering Places Hedger Ditches Fences Trees Common Commodities Benefits Liberties Advantages Hereditaments Appurtenances whatsoever to the said Cottages or Tenement and premises hereby granted or mentioned to be granted and every part and parcel therof belonging or in any will appertaining and the revision and revisions remainder and remainders thereof TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said Cottage or Tenement Garden and Pew and other the premises with the appurtenances hereby granted bargained and sold or which are intended so to be with the and every of their appurtenances unto the said GEORGE GREAVES his executors administrators and assigns from the day next before the day of the date of these presents for during and unto the full end and form of one whole year from hence next ensuing and fully to be complete and ended YIELDING AND PAYING therefore unto the said RICHARD TAYLOR JOHN GILBERTHORPE their heirs or assigns the rent of a proper coin on the last day of the said loan if the same shall be lawfully demanded to the intent and purpose that by virtue of these presents and by fore of the statute made for transferring user into notification he said GEORGE GREAVES may be in the actual profession of all and singular the said bereby bargains premises with the appurtenances and the better enabled to accept and take a Grant Release or other Conveyance of the Freehold Revision and Inheritance thereof to this ***** his heirs assigns and to end upon such Uses Trusts Interests and Purposes and in such manner and form as shall be thereby declared limited and expressed of and concerning the same IN WITNESS whereof the parties aforesaid have to these presents interchangeably sell their homes and seals the day and year first above written


Sealed and delivered by the within named RICHARD TAYLOR JOHN GILBERTHORPE and THOMAS GILBERTHORPE being first duly stamped in the presence of us WILLIAM BALL THOMAS PEARSON

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Pencil writings on reverse that cannot be read


Richard Taylor of Slode Lane, Eckington - Yeoman

John Gilberthorpe of Dinnington - Yeoman

Thomas Gilberthorpe of Dinnington - Yeoman

George Greaves of Dinnington - Yeoman

Thomas Crowther

Paid 5 Shillings each to transfer lease for one year for property at Hackenthorpe.

From Thomas Crowther to Richard Taylor, John Gilberthorpe and Thomas Gilberthorpe – through George Greaves

Stamped in the presence of William Ball and Thomas Pearson (Solicitors ??)