Dated 1808

Thomas Staniforth's mark on the will.

Below is the will of Thomas Staniforth, baptised on the 22nd July 1756, the son of Thomas Staniforth and Sarah Holmes, and the husband of Sarah Hurt.

In the Name of God, Amen.

I, THOMAS STANIFORTH of HACKENTHORPE in the Parish of Beighton in the County of Derby, sicklesmith, being of sound mind and Memory, but considering the uncertainty of this mortal Life Do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, That is to say

First, I will that all my just Debts, Legacies and funeral expenses shall be paid by my Executrix hereinafter mentioned.

I bequeath unto my three sons, THOMAS STANIFORTH, WILLIAM STANIFORTH. and JOHN STANIFORTH the sum of Two Hundred Pounds each.

I Give and bequeath unto my five Daughters JANE STANIFORTH, ANN STANIFORTH, ELIZABETH STANIFORTH, SARAH STANIFORT'H, and MARTHA STANIFORTH the sum of One Hundred and fifty Pounds each, and I will and direct that all these sums or legacies be respectively paid to my aforenamed Children as they shall severally arrive at the age of twenty one years by my executors after named. But if any of my said Children should die before they arrive at the age of twenty one Years I will that their shares shall be equally divided amongst the rest of mv Children and I herebv appoint mv friends RICHARD MASON and WILLIAM HURT Trustees to my said Children to see the due Execution of my Will. my Business of a Sicklesmith I leave jointly between my Wife SARAH STANIFORTH and my eldest son THOMAS STANIFORTH as long as they can agree, but if my Wife SARAH STANIFORTH should wish to decline the Business I will that aIl the Tools and other articles belonging to it, together with mv Wite s share of the Business shall be valued, and as much shall be paid bv my son THOMAS STANIFORTH unto my wife SARAH STANIFORTH as shall be deemed equitable in the estimation of persons appointed to value the same. As to all the rest, residue and remainder of mv Real and personal Estate of what nature or kind soever, situate and being in the Parishes ot Beighton and Handsworth I give demise and bequeath unto my Wife SARAH STANIFORTH during the Term of her natural Life if she remain unmarried and my Widow. and at her decease I give demise and bequeath my Estates aforesaid unto my Children to be equally divided among them share and share alike I say to them and their Heirs. But if my said Wite SARAH STANIFORTH marry again then and in such a case I give and bequeath unto her during; her natural Life the sum of twenty Pounds per annum to be paid out of my Estates aforesaid, and the rest to be equally divided amongst my Children immediately as soon as she shall espouse and marry any other man. And I hereby nominate constitute and appoint my· aforesaid Wife SARAH STANIFORTH sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by me at any time heretofore made. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set mv Hand and Seal this eleventh dav of January in the Year of our Lord one Thousand eight Hundred and eight.

Signed. sealed, published and declared by the said Testator for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us THOMAS STANIFORTH JOHN JEPSON JOSEPH BOOTH JOSEPH DIXON

Sole Probate Granted to Sarah Staniforth. Widow. the Sole Executrix, at Chesterfield April