Moorhead, Sheffield, Reubens home during his time at The Parrot Inn.

Reuben Staniforth was born on 25 May, 1829 to Joseph Staniforth, a native of Hackenthorpe, and Dorothy Brailsford. He was baptised at the Sheffield Parish Church on July 5, 1829

On the 1841 Census, his parents are already 45 years of age. He has 4 brothers at this stage, John and Joseph both aged 20, Levi aged 8 and Arthur aged 14, Reuben himself is 12. He also has two sisters, Ann aged 6, and Alice aged 4.

On the 1851 Census, the family are living at Broad Street, Sheffield, Joseph, listed as being from Beighton, is 60, Dorothy, listed as being from Heath, Derbyshire, is 57. There are only three sons in the home at this point, Joseph aged 30, Levi aged 17 and Reuben himself aged 21, Alice is also in the home, aged 14.

By the time of the 1861 Census, Reuben is living with his brother Levi at South Street, Dyers Hill, Sheffield. Levi is a 28 year old Druggist, their father Joseph is also living with them, now aged 70, a farm labourer from Hackenthorpe. Reuben is a 31 year old Commercial Cerl, and a nephew, John William Staniforth, aged a year old is also in the home, this was the son of their brother Arthur.

Reuben married Mary Ulyett this same year, on September 8, and the couple had three daughters, Bertha Sarah Staniforth, born 1862, Levina Brailsford Staniforth, born 1864, she unfortunately does not survive, with her death being recorded the same year, and Laura Alice Staniforth in 1865.

In the Sheffield Daily Telegraph, we find an article on October 2, 1866 describing Reuben as 'landlord, Mr. Reuben Staniforth, Parrot Inn'

Another article dated February 2, 1867 states 'PARROT INN DRAWING CLUBS. The SECOND CLUB is now forming at the House Mr. Reuben Staniforth, Parrot Inn, Moor Head'

Finally we find the death of Reuben's wife, in an article dated August 11, 1870 'Death from Bronchitis, Mary, the wife of Mr Reuben Staniforth, Parrot Inn, Moorhead, was deservedly esteemed'

By the time of the 1871 Census, Reuben is no longer residing at The Parrot inn, he is instead living with the family of his late wife's sister Sarah A. Wilson (nee Ulyett), he is described as 'Brother-In-Law' and is now aged 41, also with him is his daughter Laura Alice, now aged 5.

Reuben would not survive this year, with his death being recorded in 1871, his father passed away 2 years prior on July 17, 1869. Reuben was buried at Burngreave Cemetery on November 7, 1871, Frank Wilson, the son of William Wilson and his sister-in-law is buried in the grave on the same day.

It should also be noted that Joseph was the uncle of Welsh Cartoonist Joseph Morewood Staniforth through is brother Joseph Staniforth. See our article here

Reuben's daughter appears to have emigrated to the New York, we find her mentioned on the 1900 and 1930 census, with the immigration date being 1871, the year of her fathers death. She never marries, and her death is recorded on 8 Dec 1939.

I have also documented the life of Reuben's brother Levi here.