St. Mary's Church, Beighton

Stephen Staniforth was baptised on the 30th December 1749, to Thomas Staniforth and Sarah Holmes. His father was a notable sicklesmith in the village of Hackenthorpe, and the founder of Thomas Staniforth & Co.

Stephen himself is a bit of a mystery, in 1771 he is listed taking his freedom as an apprentice sicklesmith, his father Thomas Staniforth of Hackenthorpe is mentioned.

On the 1805 Land Tax Assessments in Beighton parish, Stephen Staniforth is listed as 'Not Exonerated' for the amount of 0,1,2.

On June 28th, 1773 Stephen married Alice Wragg at St. Mary's Church, Beighton. They would go onto have seven children, all baptised at St. Mary's:

  • Elizabeth Staniforth, baptised October 10th, 1774
  • Susannah Staniforth, baptised April 8th 1776, she marries George Webster
  • Hannah Staniforth baptised December 26, 1777. she marries Luke Binney
  • Mary Staniforth, baptised November 5th, 1780, she marries Joseph Archdale in the Sheffield Parish Church
  • Ann Staniforth, baptised November 21, 1782
  • Sarah Staniforth, baptised May 14th, 1785, she was buried on March 1st 1805
  • John Staniforth, baptised May 5 1787, he would go onto marry Mary Linley and have a number of sons, these sons are the ancestors of many of the Staniforths that still reside in Hackenthorpe and Beighton, namely the Heaton Staniforths

Alice Wragg was buried in Beighton Churchyard in May of 1789, Stephen would remarry Hannah Rainford on December 4th, 1804. Hannah was 43 at the time of marriage, and the couple had no children together.

Stephen was buried in Beighton churchyard November 11, 1830, his second wife Hannah follows on October 28, 1852. Her death was recorded in the Derbyshire Times where she is referred to as a relict of Stephen Staniforth.