Attercliffe Hill Top Chapel

John Staniforth of Darnall, son of John Staniforth and Mary Gower was baptised at Sheffield on the 18th September 1636.

John remained a batchelor until he was 50 years of age, on February 2nd, 1686 he married Elizabeth Wright at Ecclesfield Church. Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Wright, vicar of Ecclesfield, a man notable for being one of the sufferers in the English Civil War.

Elizabeth was born in 1649 and was thirty seven at the time of marriage.

Her father had been living at Ecclesfield for a number of years before he was ejected by the Parliamentary Commissioners, when he left Ecclesfield it was said that he left with the hope of returning. During his last sermon he chose to read the last verse of Psalm 126 "He that goeth forth and weepeth, hearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him".

His hopes were verified and on the restoration he returned to Ecclesfield and was again Vicar of the parish. He held the position for 30 years, passing away in February 1691 aged 80.

John Staniforth died in April 1704 and was buring on the 12th, aged 68. His was was executrix to his will and survived a further 16 years. She only remained a widow for a year and seven months when she married Mr. John Grammar of Bakewell on December 29th 1705. John was a widow himself, and he had a son also named John.

Mrs. Grammar was known to be a very charitable person in the parish of Attercliffe. She built a number of small dwellings known as Mrs. Grammar's Alehouses which were to be used by poor widows. She was also a benefactress to the Attercliffe Chapel, and to the poor of the parish. In 1716 she donated a silver cup and salver to Attercliffe Chapel for use during communion. and in 1720 she bequeathed £50 in trust to the Oversees of Darnall-cum-Attercliffe, to be at interest for the benefit of the poor.

She died on December 6th 1720 at the age of 71, after being married to John Grammar for 15 years.

She only had one son, John Staniforth, born February 6th 1687, and baptised at Sheffield on the 23rd. He died seven years before his father, at the age of 10 and was buried at Sheffield May 14th 1697.