1807-1887, Liverpool & Storrs Hall, England

Storrs HallThomas Staniforth was born in Ranelagh Street, Liverpool on February 11th 1807, to Samuel Staniforth, the Lord Mayor of Liverpool and Mary Littledale. Samuel was the son of Thomas Staniforth, also Lord Mayor of Liverpool and the son of Samuel Staniforth of Darnall Hall, Sheffield.

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Thomas was educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford, where he took his degree as B.A 13th May 1830 and M.A as Grand Compounder, June 13th, 1833. During his time at Oxford he took part in the first Boat Race on June 10th 1829, where he captained the Oxford team. His weight is listed on the race records as being 12 0lb. Oxford won the race.

Thomas became an ordained minister, after being ordained by Edward Archbishop of York to the Curacy of Marske, in the North Riding of Yorkshire as Deacon on November 21st 1830, and Priest November 20th 1831. He was instituted to Craven on November 21st 1831, and inducted January 7th 1832.

On September 26th 1837, Thomas married Harriet Turner at Tandridge Church, Surrey. Harriet was the second daughter of Charles Hamptden Turner of Rooks Nest, Surrey, Esq. Her mother was the Mary Rohde, the daughter of Major Rohde of Oakley near Bromley, Kent, Esq. Her Father Mr. Turner died at Rooks Nest on March 17th 1865.

Thomas inherited Storrs Hall upon the death of his aunt Elizabeth, sister of his mother. Elizabeth was the widow of John Bolton of Storrs Hall. He resided in the hall for the remainder of his life, retiring from work in 1859. By the time he retired, he had been working in Bolton-By-Bowland for some years

Thomas's horse is mentioned in Coates's Herd Book: Containing the Pedigrees of Improved Short-horned Cattle, Volume 32 published in 1886. The horse, named Stephanos is described:

'White, calved June 4, 1885, bred by the Rev. T. Staniforth, Storrs, got by King Stephen (46559) dam (Lactea) by King James (28971) g. d. (Lily of the Vale) by Knight of Knowlesmere 2nd (31542), gr. d. (Eliza) by Mac Turk (14872), - (Edith) by Pride (10631), Etc.'

Thomas passed away in 1887 at Storrs Hall. In his will he left £150,492 16s 8d (resworn from £149,667 16s 8d at probate). His executors were his great-nephews Charles Staniforth Greenwood and Edwin Wilfrid Greenwood. Edwin changed his name to Edwin Greenwood Stanyforth and fathered England Cricket Captain Ronald Thomas Stanyforth.

In the 1860 publication, Staniforthiana by Frances Margery Hext, she lists a number of mourning rings in Thomas' possession at Storrs Hall. It is unclear where they ended up:

  • 1743 Henry Halsall, ob. 26th July 1743, aged 72
  • 1748 Robert Marsden, ob. 24th August 1748, aged 80
  • 1749 John Marsden, ob. 19th January 1749, aged 77
  • 1758 Eliz. Staniforth, ob. 17th January 1758, aged 65
  • 1763 J.D. Staniforth, Ob. 11th December 1763, aged 5 years 6 months
  • 1764 T. Staniforth, Ob. 27th November 1764, aged 3 years 6 months
  • 1771 William Shawe, Ob. 22nd April, 1771, aged 54
  • 1775 Mary Staniforth, Ob. 16th August 1775, aged 56
  • 1780 Mary Halsall, Ob, 16th January 1780, aged 33
  • 1783 John Staniforth Ob. February 1st 1783, aged 2 ½ years
  • 1784 Thomas Younge, M.D, Ob, 14th December, 1784, aged 63
  • 1786 Elizabeth Younge, Ob, 9th February, 1786, aged 62
  • 1786 William Staniforth, Ob, 14th November, 1786, aged 70
  • 1795 Foster Bower, Ob, 18th February 1795, aged 46
  • 1796 Henry Littledale, d 9th February 1796, aged 54
  • 1796 John-Bower Jodrell, Ob. 4th November 1796, aged 48
  • 1805 Rev. E. Wilkinson, Ob. 18th January 1805, aged 74
  • 1807 Sarah Littledale, 18th May 1807, aged 61
  • 1818 Jonathan Dennet, Ob. 12th April 1818, aged 62
  • 1828 Mary Younge, Ob. 4th March 1828, Aged 80
  • 1795 Charles Staniforth Ob, 8 January 1795, aged 27
  • 1791 Alethea Staniforth, ob. 13th February 1791, aged 26
  • 1803 Thomas Staniforth, Ob. 15 December 1803 aged 68