The Staniforth Arms, 1989

The Staniforth Arms was opened on November 12th, 1959 and was designed by Husband & Co. of Glossop Road, Sheffield.

The pub itself does not appear to have been run by any Staniforths, the name refers to the fact it stood at 261 Staniforth Road, Attercliffe in Sheffield.

There is a story that alleges that John Staniforth, almost certainly the John Staniforth that married Mary Gower, left some form of legal notice when he passed away that declared that there could be no inns or taverns in that area. The story concludes that a later generation of the Staniforth family relented and gave Tennants Brewery permission to name the pub after the family.

I cannot however find any truth to this story, and it is likely folklore. The first occupants of The Staniforth Arms were Eric Napier and his wife. They previously ran The Broadfield Hotel on Abbeydale Road. In the early 1990s the pub was ran by Alison and Andrew Jones.

The pub closed its doors for the last time in 2004.