Hackenthorpe, Derbyshire

Hugh's Signature on his will

Hugh Staniforth was baptised at St. Mary's Church, Beighton, on September 9th, 1826. He was the son of Sickle and Scythe manufacturer Thomas Staniforth, and Ann Hibbard.

On the 1841 Census, Hugh is living with his family at Hackenthorpe, aged 14. His father Thomas Staniforth is described as a 55 year old Sickle Manufacturer, he ran the Thomas Staniforth & Co. business established by his gradnfather Thomas STaniforth, an in deptht article on the business can be read here. Also in the household is his 55 year old mother Ann, 25 year old sister Mary, 25 year old brother Alfred, now working as a Grocer, 20 year old Mark Staniforth, working as a Sickle Mfr, 15 year old Sarah Staniforth and 15 year old John.

On February 17, 1844 we find the following report in the Sheffield Independent:

Joseph Widdowson was charged with stealing a leather belly-band, a hempen sack, and two horse collars, the property of Thos. Staniforth of Hackenthorpe, scythe manufacturer and farmer.... Hugh Staniforth, son of the prosecutor, stated that, on Saturday Morning, the 4rd inst. he missed the above named articles from his father's stable at Hackenthorpe. On tuesday last, he again saw them at the Police office, and they were now produced. He knew the sack from the initials "T. S" upon it.... Jonas Utley, policeman, proved that, on Saturday afternoon, the 3rd inst, he saw the prisoner near the Angle Inn, Sheffield moor, offering a belly-band for sale to a carter. He apprehended him and brought him to the Town Hall. He was discharged last Monday by the Magistrates, no owner being found for the property. On the following day, Mr. Staniforth saw the articles, and he apprehended the prisoner again. He was committed for trial.

On April 29, 1848, also in the Sheffield Independent Hugh is appointed a constable:

Appointance of Constables - The following were sworn in to serve the office of constable, at Eckington petty sessions on Thursday, for the undermentioned townships:- Beight: Hugh Staniforth, farmer, Hackenthorpe

On October 19th 1850 Hugh is again mentioned:

Norton Farmers Clube - The annual meeting of this old and flourishing club was held on Monday last, at the Bagshawe Arms, Norton. As in former years, premiums were offered from the funds of the society, as an encouragement for superior ploughing. Mr Hugh Staniforth, of Hackenthorpe, and other gentlemen, enrolled themselves as members of the club.

On the 1851 Census, Hugh is now 24, and is described as a 'Farmer of 200 acres employing 6 farm labourers'. His 37 year old sister Mary is also in the house, working as his housekeeper. Robert Copley, an 18 year old man from Arnold, Nottinghamshire is working as a Farm Servant, and two House servants, Hannah Marlow aged 19 from Beighton and Mary Barker aged 13 from Consisbro are also present.

Hugh Dies on May 5th 1852, he is buried in St. Mary's Churchyard on May 8th.

Following his death, on May 29th 1852, we find the dissolution of the partnership he held with his brothers John and Thomas in relation to the running of the family business:

Staniforth Thomas & John Staniforth, with Hugh Staniforth (dec) of Hackenthorpe, scythe and sickle manufacturers, and farmers, as regards J. Staniforth, 5th May. Debts t T&H Staniforth.

In his will, Hugh leaves 19 pounds and 19 shillings to his brother Henry Staniforth and his friend James Radley of Beighton, in exchange for them being executors. He also leaves 50 pounds to his sister Mary 'as acknowledgement for the ease" of keeping his house and for the 'kindness' during his sickness.

Hugh also leaves money to his siblings, naming Thomas Staniforth, Ann the wife of George Cox, Mary Staniforth, Rowland Staniforth, Mark Staniforth, Sarah the wife of James Gray, Henry Staniforth and John Staniforth.

The full will has been transcribed and can be read here