Thomas Asline Ward

Thomas Asline Ward was baptised on July 6th, 1781 and was the son of Joseph Ward and Sarah Asline, his mothers parents were William Asline and Mary Younge who had two brothers, that married into the Staniforth line from Darnall. Thomas Younge married Mary Staniforth, and Elizabeth Staniforth married John Trevers Younge. Elizabeth and Mary were both daughters of Samuel Staniforth and Alethea Macro of Darnall Hall.

Thomas grew up on Howard Street in Sheffield however he spent a lot of his life at a country villa owned by his family named Park House. Thomas spent his childhood summers at Park House, and after marrying Ann Lewin in 1814, moved permanently to the home.

Thomas served on the Cutlers Company between the years of 1809 and 1818, and held the Master Cutler position in 1816. From 1817 to 1863 he served as Town Trustee and in 1831, was town collector.

He ran for Parliament in 1831 and gained great support, however franchise limitations restricted many voters, and this made for an unsucessful campaign.

He became a Magistrate for the West Riding of Yorkshire in 1836, and also served as an editor of the Sheffield Telegraph from 1823 to 1829.

He was also a leading member of the Unitarian Chapel known as the 'Upper Chapel' in Sheffield.

Throughout his life Thomas wrote a diary which was later published titled 'Peeps into the past;. He made many mentions of his Staniforth relatives in the diary.

On October 24th 1857, Sheffield F.C, recognised as the oldest extant club, held their inaugural meeting at Parkfield House, in a greenhouse leant by Thomas.

Thomas' son, Frederick Ward became the first president of the Sheffield F.C team.

Thomas Asline Ward passed away in 1871, he is well remembered in the city of Sheffield, and was even mentioned in a poem by Emenezer Elliott regarding the Reform Act 1832.