Brook Lane, Hackenthorpe

Charles Heaton Staniforth was born on the 2nd February 1852 to Stephen Staniforth and Ann Clayton (Formerly Heaton through first marriage).

On the 1861 and 1871 Census’, Charles is living in the village of Hackenthorpe, in the parish of Beighton with his father, who was working as a Sicklesmith, and his mother.

On the 25th December 1871, he married Ann Miller at St. Mary’s in Beighton, Ann was from Anston and was only a year younger, being born on April 16th 1853.

Charles and Ann would go onto have a number of children:

  • Edith Heaton Staniforth born 5th August 1872, she married George Henry Brown and had a number of children. Edith passed away in 1926.
  • Eliza Heaton Staniforth born 1876, she married Josiah Pearson and died in 1906, having a single daughter Edith Pearson. Eliza is buried with her husband’s parents in Hackenthorpe Churchyard.
  • Norah Heaton Staniforth, born 2nd July, 1876, she married Thomas Gyte and passed away 15th Mary 1946.
  • Samuel Heaton Staniforth, born 18th October 1877, he married Annie Drury and passed away 20th June 1964.
  • Edwin Heaton Staniforth, born 15th November 1879, he married Mary Getrude Thorpe and passed away in Mansfield, Nottingham in 1916.
  • Walter Heaton Staniforth, born 8th October 1881, he married an older widower, Mary Palmer, they had no children and he passed away in 1915.
  • Beatrice Heaton Staniforth, born 24th October 1883, she married Walter Joseph Lilley and passed away in 1915, the couple are buried in Hackenthorpe Churchyard.
  • Lily Staniforth, born 13th October 1885, she married Henry Jones and passed away on the 20th December 1962 on the Isle of White.
  • Alice Heaton Staniforth, born 11th December 1888, she married Frederick Sanderson and passed away 11th September 1968
  • Albert Heaton Staniforth, born 16th July 1890, he would only survive a few days, passing away on the 6th August 1890.
  • Herbert Heaton Staniforth, born 19th September 1892, he married Edith Bannister and passed away on the 3rd January 1970 at Mosborough.
  • Charles Robert Heaton Staniforth, born 24th February 1895, he only survived a few months, passing away on the 16th July 1895.

On the 1881 Census, Charles is recorded as being a Coal Miner, residing at Hackenthorpe, it is interesting to note that his father Stephen is living with them, the same living arrangement carries over to the 1891 Census, however by this time Charles and Ann have had children.

Derbyshire Times advertisement for the auction of Charles' Dwellings

In the 25th June 1875 issue of the Sheffield Examiner, an explosion is reported at Orgreave Colliery, listed amongst the injuries is ‘Charles Staniforth, Hackenthorpe, rather severely burnt on arms and face.’ As there was no other Charles Staniforth living in Hackenthorpe at this time, it is safe to assume this is Charles Heaton Staniforth.

His mother Ann died in 1875 and was buried in St. Mary’s Beighton Churchyard.

By 1901 Stephen has passed away, since the Census recorded addresses at this time, we can see that the family resided at #1 Brook Lane, it is likely that this house was passed down from Stephen.

On the 23rd April 1902, the Derbyshire Times reported the following:

'At Eckington Police Court on Monday, Alice Elingworth, housekeeper, Treeton, was fined 22s including costs, for being drunk and disorderly at Hackenthorpe on April 18th, and destroying flowers, the property of Mr. C. H. Staniforth'

In 1911 Charles has retired as a coal miner as is recorded as being a ‘Market Gardener’. By this time the household consists only of his wife Ann, and son Herbert Heaton Staniforth, then aged 18.

Charles and Ann's grave in the churchyard of Hackenthorpe Christchurch

Charles is recorded in the Derbyshire Times on numerous times in the 1880s in relation to gardening

On the Sheffield Petty Sessions, dated Monday the 8th of September 1913, Charles Heaton Staniforth is listed as being Drunk and Disorderly himself, at Waingate, Sheffield.

Ann Staniforth (Nee Miller) dies on the 7th November, 1915. Charles follows on the 11th April 1917, the pair are buried in Hackenthorpe churchyard.

Following his death, an advertisement appears in the Derbyshire Times where an auction is being held at The New Inn, Hackenthorpe, where the Freehold Dwelling Houses owned by the deceased Charles H Staniforth are being auctioned off. The addresses noted as being owned by Charles include 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 Brook Lane, essentially a row of terraces.