Drake House, Beighton

Drake House c1890s

Drake House was a large residence, located on what is now the Drakehouse Retail park in Beighton. The hall stood roughly where the newer section of the retail park stands.

The earliest mentions of the building date back to the 14th Century. A grant dated July 25, 1352 shows a William Drake named as a witness, this is likely the family that gave its name to the building. During the Tudor period, a John Drake is listed as living in the area. By 1703 we find a Marmaduke Drake listed as being the rector of the Church of St. Mary’s in Beighton, followed by a John Drake in 1733 and John Drake Jr. in 1745.

A document from 1607 shows Robert Scales of Drakehouse, Senior, Yeoman and Robert his son bound to William Cavendish, and in 1636, the Scalles family of Drakehouse, Beighton sell land to the Hon. William Pierrepont.

The Scalles family appear to have been in Beighton village from c1562 through to 1726, beginning with John Scalles, yeoman in 1570 and Robert Scalles residing at Drake House in 1607. Epifanus Scalles was listed as a freeholder in 1633, and in 1607 John, Francis and Epifanus Scalles sold lands to William Pierrepont. Finally in 1726, Francis Scalles is listed on rental records.

By the turn of the 18th Century, the Jermyn family where living at Drakehouse. In 1700 they paid £1 3s 01/4d land tax. One of the sons, John Jermyn married Alice Newbold of Hackenthorpe Hall and the couple resided there for some time. In 1797, Mary Jermyn was living and farming the fields.

Following the Jermyns tenure at Drake House, the Jubb family occupied the house. On November 10, 1825, John Jubb marries Olivia Staniforth at St. Mary’s Beighton. On the marriage record from October 15th of that year, we see Olivia’s father, John Staniforth, Gentlemen (see our article on John here) giving his consent to the marriage. This was John Staniforth, the son of Jeremiah Staniforth and Olive Taylor, who in turn was the son of George Staniforth and Hannah Slater (see our article here on George). John Jubb was baptised May 22, 1795 to John Jubb and Hannah Shemeld of Sheffield. John Jubb’s brother James Shemeld Jubb also married into the family when he married Jane Staniforth, Olivia’s sister on October 13, 1846 at Eckington. They moved to Morthen Hall in Whiston.

By 1827, John Jubb and his wife Olivia are living at Drake House, with John being listed as a Farmer and Maltser on directories in 1846. John passes away on February 27, 1872 with his effects being listed as being under £1,500. His probate reads:

John and Olivia's grave in the Churchyard of St. Mary's, Beighton

The Will of John Jubb, late of Drake House in the parish of Beighton in the county of Derby, Farmer who died 27 February 1872 at Drake House was proved at Derby by John Jubb of Drake House Farmer, the son and Henry Staniforth of Mosborough Hill in the parish of Eckington in the county, Gentlemen the Executors.

Henry Staniforth was his Son-in-law, after marrying Jane Jubb, their daughter at Beighton on May 31, 1855. Henry was the son of Thomas Staniforth III of Hackenthorpe (see our article on Thomas here). Another daughter Mary Staniforth Jubb married notable Woodhouse historian, and physician William James Le Tall (see our article here).

When Henry passed away on June 13, 1895 he leaves effects to John Jubb, Gentleman.

As noted in John’s will, Drake House was left to his only son, John Jubb Jr. John resided at the hall until the late 1890s. He married a Nottinghamshire woman named Laura Ann Baker at North Wheatley on May 8, 1899. As noted on the 1901 Census, the couple resided at a large home named Wheatley Fields in the village of North Wheatley, Nottinghamshire. With John already being in his 70s, the couple had no children. He passes away on August 1, 1909, his probate reads:

John Jubb of Wheatley Field North Wheatley, Nottinghamshire died 1 August 1909, Probate London 21 September 1909 to Laura Ann Jubb Widow William Dust and Albert Edmund Cyril Ludlam solicitors and Thomas Stubbs, mining Engineer. Effects £43499 19s 1d

His wife Laura follows on December 12, 1916, her probate reads:

Laura Ann of Westfield House, North Wheatley, Nottinghamshire widow died 12 December 1916, probate London 23 February to William Dust and Albert Edmund Cyril Ludlam Solicitors and Hanway Richard Beale physician Effects £3033 16s 10d.

It should also be noted that John contributed £25 towards the construction of Christ Church in Hackenthorpe in 1900. He is also listed as being part of the new Beighton School Board in 1879

As noted prior, John Jubb also had a brother named James Shemeld Jubb that married Jane Staniforth, he passes away on February 5, 1882, Jane is already deceased by this time, being buried at Whiston on May 3, 1879, his probate reads:

James Shemeld Jubb, Esq. Personal Estate £15,148 4s. 9d The Will of James Shemeld Jubb, late of Morthen Hall, in the parish of Whiston in the county of Yorkshire who died 5 February 1882 at Morthern Hall was proved at Wakefield by John Jubb of Drake House in the parish of Beighton in the County of Derby Gentlemen the Nephew the sole executor

Map of Drake House c1913

Based on a newspaper article dated October 6, 1906, John Jubb was already interested in selling Drake House:

Drake House Beighton - To be sold or Let, that desirable residence, Drake House, situate on the road from Beighton to Hackenthorpe, six miles from Sheffield, and one mile from Beighton Station, consisting of entrance hall, breakfast room, large dining room, drawing room, housekeeper's room, two kitchens and store rooms, and cellarage, six bedrooms, one dressing-room, w.c. and bathroom, with stable, coach-house, garden, with green house and vinery, orchard, and with or without five acres of Grass land; also with or without the farm of 80 acres, with the two cottages and outbuildings. The house has been thoroughly renovated, papered, painted, and decorated during the present year. - For further particulars or order to view, apply to Messrs, Alderson, Son and Dust, Solicitors, 23 Change Alley, Sheffield

A further article from February 9, 1907 shows John Jubb letting the farm to sell by auction.

In the 20tr Century, Captain Edward Johnson, a veterinarian resided at the house, and by 1928, Ernest William Curtis is listed as farmer.

The hall was later demolished by a Mr. Tomlinson, a local builder, who replaced it with a modern detached brick house. This building was then demolished in the 1980s when the Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre was built on the site.