John Staniforth Patteson

John Staniforth Patteson was born on October 21th, 1782 in Norwich, England. His father was John Patteson, Mayor of Norwich and a Brewer.

John was most notable for being the Mayor of Norwich in 1823, a position that his father previous held.

He also helped run Steward & Patteson, a brewing company that his father founded. He was also co-director of the Norwich Union Life Society (later the Norwich Union) with his father.

In 1820 he entered into partnership with five partners, William Steward, Ambros Harboard Steward, Timothy Steward Sr. and Timothy Steward Jr, to form a new Brewing company named Steward, Patteson & Stewards.

He married Ann Elizabeth Tasker and had a son, Henry Staniforth Patteson in 1817.

The Patteson-Staniforth family is well remembered in Norwich and many memoriasl can be found in the parish church, the Patteson/Steward brewing company would be passed down to future generations.

John Patteson Staniforth passed away on August 30th, 1832, a year prior to his fathers death.