The Staniforth Graves of Firbeck

Disney Staniforth was born on December 1st, 1674 at Firbeck, near Rotherham. He was the son of Jonathan Staniforth and Mary Disney, the daughter of John Disney of Lincolnshire. Both the Staniforths of Firbeck and the Disney's of Lincolnshire had links to the Non-Comformist movement, and Disney was a cousin to Timothy and Jonathan Staniforth, the Non-Comformist preachers.

John's uncle Daniel Disney was a notable landower, and the father to clergyman John Disney (1677-1730).

Following his father's death in 1779, Disney inherited Firbeck Hall

During the 1730s, Disney had a legal dispute with Joseph Fojambe, after being sold the rights to the Rotherham Plough, this dispute led him to lead a reclusive life, where he kept out of public view. Very little is known regarding Disney's later life, although if his children's lifestyle gives any clues, he likely did not stray far from Firbeck Hall.

Disney married Mary Skinner, daughter of Nicholas Skinner in 1698 and the two had three daughters and a son:

  • Mary Staniforth (1699-1781), died unmarried
  • Henrietta Staniforth (1718-1787), died unmarried
  • Amelie Staniforth (1722-1792(, died unmarried
  • Jonathan Staniforth (1702-1779), died unmarried

Disney passed away in 1739, and the hall passed to his son Jonathan, all of the children lived at Firbeck Hall their entire lives.