Henry Tywhitt Staniforth Patteson (rear left)

Henry Tywhitt Staniforth Patteson was born in 1852 Norwich, England. His father was Henry Staniforth Patteson, a brewer who served as Deputy Lieutenant and Justice of the Peace for the county of Norwich. His mother was Isabella Katherine Partridge

Henry served as the director of the Brewing company that his great grandfather, John Patteson founded, Steward & Patteson.

He also served time in the military, earning the Volunteer Officers' Decotation.

He married Annie Rose Chambers and the family resided at Beeston St Andrew Hall, together the couple had four children:

  • John Dossie Patteson
  • Robert Wace Patteson
  • Joan Evelyn Patteson
  • Ardyn Marion Patteson

Henry passed away in 1915 at the age of 64, in Norwich