1816-1886, Attercliffe, Sheffield

Mention of Joel's Father, Slater from Southey Green.

Joel Staniforth was baptised July 16, 1816 to Thomas Staniforth, a Slater of Southey Green, and his wife Mary. His baptism states that he was born June 15, 1815. He was one of ten children, one of his brothers was George Staniforth, the future husband of Mary Moss that would emigrate to Wisconsin, USA to establish a line of Staniforths there.

Joel married Ann Hargreaves in 1836 at St. Peter & St Pauls Sheffield.

On the 1841 Census, the family lived at Pinfold Lane, Attercliffe, Sheffield, Joel was a 25 year old Labourer and his wife Ann is present alongwith a 3 year old daughter Mary and a 1 year old son Thomas Staniforth. This Thomas would pass away the following year.

On the 1851 Census, the family have relocated to 66 Oakes Green, Joel is now a 35 year old Labourer, his birthplace stating Southey Green. His wife is 34 and her Brother-In-Law Edward Hargreaves, a 22 year old Wood Turner is also in the house. Their children by this point are Mary Staniforth, aged 13, Thomas Staniforth aged 2 and George Henry Staniforth, also aged 2, all born in Attercliffe.

On the 1861 Census, the family has relocated once again to 19 Carlton Road, Attercliffe. By this stage Joel is a 45 year old Coal Pit worker living with his 44 year old wife, 12 year old son Thomas, 10 year old daughter Ann R and another son Walter Staniforth, aged 6. Also present is Thomas Hargreaves, his Father-in-law, a 68 year old Mill Wright from Cudworth, Yorkshire.

Oakes Green and Carlton Street in Attercliffe c1914

On the 1871 Census, the family is living at 164 Carlton Road, Joel is 55 and is now described as a Labourer in the Iron Works. His wife is 54 and 15 year old Walter Staniforth is the only son still living at home, he is now working as a Labourer in the Iron Works. Ann Rebecca Jepson, their daughter is also in the home with her husband Walter Jepson, described as Son-In-Law. Walter is a 34 year old Edge Tool Striker from Ecclesall. Thomas Staniforth, a Grandson aged 6 is also in the home (This is the son of Thomas Staniforth).

On the 1881 Census, the family is still at Attercliffe, Joel is now 66 and has changed his occupation to Carter, rather than describing himself as being from Southey Green, he is instead from Ecclesfield, the parish that includes Southey Green. His wife is 65 and Walter Staniforth is again the only son in the household, by now he is a 25 year old Labourer. Two grandchildren, Edith Jepson, aged 8 and Herbert Jepson, aged 6 are also in the household.

Joel Staniforth did in 1886, and his burial took place at Christ Church Cemetery, Attercliffe, only a short walk from his home. He was 71 at the time of his death.

Following his death, his wife Ann moves in with her daughter Ann Rebecca Jepson and her husband Walter by the time of the 1891 Census. She passes away in 1893.

Over the course of their marriage, Joel Staniforth and Ann Hargreaves had the following children:

  • Thomas Staniforth 1840-1841
  • Mary Ann Staniforth, 1837 (married John Hutchinson)
  • Thomas Staniforth, 1843, married Jane Hedley
  • George Henry Staniforth, 1848-1895 married Maria Robson
  • Ann Rebecca Jepson, born 1851, married Walter Jepson
  • Walter Staniforth, 1855-1884, never married

Joel is also briefly mentioned in 'The Story of Old Attercliffe' by George Robert Vine, he states 'Joel Staniforth, a well-known working man, lived here for about 25 years'.