Sheffield and Prestwich

Carnall's Signature on the 1911 Census

Carnall Staniforth was born April 20th, 1880 in Sheffield, England to William Staniforth, and Sarah Parkin. We have an article on his parents which can be found here. William was the son of John Staniforth and Mary Carnall, again we have an article on this couple which can be found here.

On the 1881 Census, the family are living at 114, Upperthorpe, Nether Hallam in Sheffield. William Staniforth, the head of the household, is a 40 year old Silversmith Designer, his wife is 39. In the household are a number of children, including 17 year old John William Staniforth, a scholar, 12 year old Mary Staniforth, 10 year old Edith Annie Staniforth, 8 year old Alice Staniforth, 6 year old Kate Staniforth, 5 year old Harry Staniforth, and Carnall Staniforth, not even a year old.

By 1901, the family are still in Upperthorpe, this time the house is numbered 221, William is now 60, and described as a Silverplate Manufacturer, his second wife Alice Maxwell Staniforth is 43. There are only 3 children still in the household, Edith Annie, aged 30, Harry Staniforth, aged 25, now described as a Manager at the Silversmiths, Carnall Staniforth, now a 20 year old Mechanical Engineer, as well as a 22 year old servant from Oughtibridge, Florence M Lamb.

In 1908, Carnall Staniforth marries Lilla Brownill at Sheffield.

In 1911, the married couple are living at 12 Hardman Avenue, Sedgley Park, Prestwich, Lancashire. Carnall is now a 30 year old man, described as a Representative in the Steel Trade, his wife Lilla is 27. There are also two visitors in the home, Kenneth Howden Smith, a 26 year old Manager in the ‘Saw Dept’ from Sheffield, and Edythe Mary Brownill, a 24 year old Solicitors Officer Clerk, also from Sheffield.

In April 1915, Carnall’s brother John William (better known as Jack) volunteered for the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), under the condition that he was sent to the frontlines, his son John Hamilton Maxwell Staniforth had already been fighting since the outbreak of the First World War, and the following year in 1916, Carnall followed suit, enlisting as a Private in the Motor Transport section of the Army Service Corps. After months training Carnall was sent to Mesopotamia, however his brother was turned down, due to his old age, being 17 years older than Carnall. Military records show Carnall’s regiment number was DM2/164186.

Carnall's home at 32 Poppythorn Lane, Prestwich

By the time of the 1939 Register, the family are residing at 32 Poppythorn Lane, Prestwich, Carnall is almost 60, and an Agent in the Steel & Engineering field, his wife Lilla is 55. A Domestic Servant is also in the home, Gertrude Buckler born August 19th, 1911.

On February 14, 1944, Carnall’s sister Mary, then the widow of Frank Thornton Addyman, leaves her estate to Carnall in her will. He is described as a ‘Technical Representative’ at this time.

Carnall passes away on August 17, 1969 at his home at 32 Poppythorn Lane, Prestwich. His probate is granted on November 25, 1891. His Wife Lilla followed in 1972. The couple only had a single child, Katherine Edith Staniforth born February 26, 1912, she married Edgar Singleton in 1937 at Heywood Lincolnshire. The couple had three children, John Staniforth Singleton in 1947m Joanna M Singleton in 1946 and Christina A Singleton in 1941, Christina married Robert Longworth in 1961.