George Staniforths Grave in Arundel, Quebec

During the 19th Century, many Staniforth's emigrated to the New World. One of these lines moved to Arundel, Quebec, Canada and helped found the early settlement. Before delving into the history of the family in Quebec, we will start from the beginning.

George Staniforth married Ann Wood at Hoby, Leicester on December 27th 1825. George was baptised March 3rd 1799 in Radford, Nottinghamshire to Samuel Staniforth and Sarah Parkin. On the 1851 Census, Samuel is living in Nassington, Northamptonshire with his daughter Susan, born in Nottingham in 1798, Other siblings include David Staniforth, born in 1801 in Basford, Nottingham, and Nathaniel Staniforth born 1814.

David Staniforth worked as a Canal Agent and later a Carpenter, living in various places, he married Mary Ann Rippin and had a number of children, he passed away in 1887, at the age of 85.

Samuel passes away in Oudle, Northamptonshire in 1859. When referencing the Eckington parish register, we find that Samuel was baptised October 16th, 1774 to Samuel and Margaret. This was Samuel Staniforth and Margaret Rogers, they married on May 10th 1764. Samuel was baptised at Eckington on January 25th, 1742, the son of Thomas Staniforth, Thomas was from the hamlet of Troway in Eckington parish, and was the son of Thomas Staniforth and his wife Anne. Thomas Sr. was also from Troway, and was baptised March 2nd, 1691, the son of George Staniforth and Mary. George Staniforth owned land in Troway as evidenced on the Eckington Manor Court Rolls, and he was baptised in 1653, the son of George Staniforth and Dorothy Staniforth. His mother Dorothy was linked to the Staniforths of Geerlane, with her father George being the son of Godfrey Staniforth, born January 18th 1562. Godfrey is mentioned in the will of John Staniforth of Geerlane, who died in 1597.

Using the Manor Court Rolls it appears that John Staniforth was the son of Geoffrey Staniforth and his wife Joan.

In 1556 we find the following: Surrender by Geoffrey Stanyford of 2 closes in Regeway to the use of George Wigfall for 5 years, paying Geoffrey one peppercorn at Christmas.

2 November 1556 - Surrender by Geoffrey Stanyford and John Stanyford his son

Very little is known about Geoffrey himself, but as this is an ongoing research project, more documentation may be uncovered.

We will now return to George Staniforth and his wife Ann Wood. George and Ann had three sons, all born in England. First was Joseph Staniforth, baptised December 7th 1824 at Warmington, Northamptonshire, secondly was David Arthur Staniforth, baptised in 1825 in the same place, and lastly was William Wood Staniforth, baptised September 11th, 1841. It is unclear as to why there was a gap between the 2nd and 3rd sons, however the fact the first two were born in Northamptonshire shows that George likely lived close to his father Samuel for a period, before moving.

We next find mention of George in Arundel, Canada, George Staniforth born 1799 in England appears on the 1851 Canadian Census in Quebec. By the time of the 1871 Census (Taken in July 1870), George is described as a Widow.

George Staniforth dies 27 February 1871 in Arundel, and his headstone still stands in the local cemetery, even noting his Nottingham origins.

George and Ann's children appear to have played a large role in the local community, yhe first saw mill was built by William Wood Staniforth, and it was recorded that it was constructed when he arrived in the area in 1858. William and his brother David purchased 700 Acres of land in Arundel and became pioneers for the township. The very first vehicle, which was an Oxen drawn cart, was introduced to the town by ‘Mr. Staniforth’ which was likely William or David.

David Arthur Staniforth

One of David's sons, Charles Joseph Staniforth, spent some time working in General Stores and meat markets in Lachute and Montreal before returning to Arundel. In 1897 he opened a store in his dwelling, local businesses began to expand during this time, and in 1908 he built a three story building. The bottom floor was used as a general store, the second as a public hall and the top floor was rented to the Masonic Lodge for use as their headquarters. Charles Joseph Staniforth retired in 1930, and passed away in 1948. Charles Joseph is also credited with building the first hangar at the Arundel Railway station.

It is also noted that many native arrowheads and relics were found in the area, including the home of Percy Staniforth located on a Creek. Percy was the son of Charles Joseph Staniforth and his wife Jessie Patton Wilson.

The only son of George Staniforth and Ann Wood not to produce offspring was Joseph Staniforth, he passed away January 2nd 1893, and is buried in Arundel.

The aforementioned David Arthur Staniforth married Jane Sanderson and had the following children:

  • Frank Henry Staniforth (1852-1929), married Catherine Godin, they had a daughter Ellen Bertha Staniforth (1892-1984), she married Joseph Alexander Moore (1805-1928)
  • George Arthur Staniforth (July 22-1856-April 25 1937), had a number of children including Harry Staniforth, Bentley Staniforth, Frank, George and Eda.
  • John Alfred Staniforth (1869-1949), he married Maude Mary Bazinet, they had:
    1. Howard Staniforth (1900-1968), he married Elizabeth Pearl Bates (1912-2008) and had a number of offspring, David Staniforth, Robert Cecil Staniforth, Ken Staniforth, Alfred Staniforth, Brian Staniforth who married Gene Taruska, Douglas Staniforth, and Myrna Pearl Staniforth.
    2. Dennis Staniforth (1903-1987), he married Rita Margaret Emily Boyd (1909-2010)
    3. Stanley Stanislas Staniforth (April 3 1907-October 4 1996), he married Jeanette Desloge and had a number of children themselves:
      1. Jean Pierre Staniforth (born 1947), Micheline Staniforth (born 1949), Michel Staniforth, Lorraine Staniforth (born 1959), Robert Staniforth (born 1954), he married Johanne Longpre and had a number of children including Nancy Staniforth (born 1982) and. Julie Staniforth (born 1984). Michel married Chantal Robitaille in 1987 and had children: Raphaella Staniforth (born 1992) and Louis Phillippe Staniforth (born 1994), Louis recently had a daughter in 2017 named Julie.
      2. Other children of John Alfred and Maude Bazinet include Elgar Stanifroth, Grant Staniforth (1914-1990), he married Claire Rousseau, and lastly Minnie A Staniforth (1902-1998).
    4. Harvey Staniforth born 1867 (Little is known regarding Harvey)
    5. William Ernest Staniforth (6 February 1865 - September 26 1940), he married Mary Jane Laughren and had a number of children:
      1. Arthur Staniforth (1901-1984) he married Clare Elizabeth Williams and the couple had a number of children
        1. Keith Robert Staniforth (1926-1998) was the only son to have offspring, Kenneth R Staniforth (born 1951), he had two daughters, Vanessa Staniforth and Meagan Staniforth (born 1985, she moved to Ireland to marry Colm Grimes), and two sons Matthew and Taylor. Matthew had twin sons born May 30th, 2018 named William George Staniforth, and Robert Kenneth Staniforth.
        2. The other sons of Arthur were Murray and Victor Staniforth, and a daughter Rita Staniforth.
      2. Charles David Staniforth (22 July 1892- 31 March 1970), he married Marie Dubeau
      3. Anne Staniforth (1894-1939), she married Thomas J Bishop
      4. Lucy Staniforth (1898-1966), she married Ainslie Ivall
      5. Louise M Staniforth (1899-1978), she married Raymond J Hillrich
      6. Victor Willie Staniforth (1904-1935)
      7. Borden Rodman Staniforth (1906-1960)
      8. Ernest Alfred Staniforth (1910-1923)
      9. Laura Maria (1913-1989), she married Shannon William Boyd
      10. Mary Staniforth (born 1863)
      11. Elizabeth Staniforth (born 1861)
      12. Charles Joseph Staniforth (1871-1948), he married Jessie Patton Wilson (1876-1959) and had:
        1. Percy Staniforth (born 1899)
        2. Randolph Staniforth (born 1905-1990), he married Dorothy Vivian Reynar (1906-1982)
        3. Jessie Jane Staniforth (1908-1982), she married Cyrus James Baugh (1907-1966)
        4. Douglas Haig Staniforth (1919-1993), he married Kathryn Glenna Curll (1923-2010(

Keith Robert Staniforth

The third and final son of George Staniforth and Ann Wood, William Wood Staniforth married Mary Thompson (1849-1935), they had a number of children:

  • George Henry Staniforth (1872-1950), married Ethel Elizabeth Drysdale (1880-1966)
  • William Guilband Staniforth (1874-1935), married Jessie L Paul (1871-1947), they had a son Cecil Ross Staniforth (1904-1972)
  • Margaret Staniforth (born 1876)
  • Lizzie Porter Staniforth (1879-1895)
  • David Arthur Staniforth (1882-1970), David married Ethel Mary Dalton (1889-1974), the couple relocated to Saskatchewan and had a son, David William Staniforth (1919-1984), this son emigrated to Ames, Iowa, USA after marrying Earla Leonna Macdonald, their son Arthur Staniforth (born 1952) is a Dentist in Ames, and his son Nathan William Staniforth (born 1982) is better known as the famous Magician, Nate Staniforth.
  • Sydney Joseph Staniforth (1885-1958), married Della Agnes Dewar (died 1942). Sydney worked in the Lumber industry, in 1936 he was trading a 100 mile limit of hardwood. He started in this industry in 1908, when he was working as an accountant for the Pennsylvania based Haskell Lumber Company, which had expanded into Canada in 1905. Later he took over the management of Fassett Lumber Company in Fossmill, Ontario. A fire destroyed the mill in 1934, and it was decided that the company should be liquidated, and a new company was founded in Kiosk, Ontario named the Staniforth Lumber Company. This company ran until 1971, when it was sold to Universal Oil Products, and it became a wholly owned subsidiary named Goodman-Staniforth. In 1937 a fire flattened the mill.

Today the Arundel Cemetery is full of Staniforth graves, all descended from George Staniforth and Ann Wood, and it is a great example of how the Staniforth family have left their mark in countries around the world.