The Moran family of Milltownpass, Westmeath, Ireland

The old Moran homestead in Milltownpass

The Morans of Milltownpass, County Westmeath, Ireland are a family that married into the Staniforth family on July 2nd 1966, when Margaret Bernadette Moran (Better known as Bernadette) married Anthony Heaton Staniforth at St. Charles Church, Attercliffe.

Anthony Heaton Staniforth was the son of Winsor Heaton Staniforth, a man we wrote an article on here

Margaret Bernadette Moran was born on September 25th 1945, in the townland of Corcloon, in a small house that stands on the edge of Milltownpass village as the road heads towards Rochfortbridge.

She is one of thirteen children, all the children of John Joseph Moran born 1904 in Milltownpass, and Anne Lynam born February 15th 1913 in Kilyon, County Meath, just outside the town of Hill of Down.

The children were:

  • Mary “Molly” Moran, born May 22nd 1932, she married Patrick Doyle in 1953 and had a number of children including Mary Collette Doyle b1955, Gerard Joseph Doyle b1958, Joseph Doyle, Christopher Doyle b1954, Annette Doyle 1957-1964, Patrick Doyle b1957, Saundra Doyle 1967-1981. Mary lives with her sons at Esker, Milltownpass.
  • Daphne “Dympna” Moran, 1934-2015
  • Elizabeth Agnes Moran, 1936-1936
  • Carmel “Judy” Moran 1937-2015, she moved to Sheffield before Bernadette and married Patrick Mcnamee, they both lived and died at Handsworth
  • >John “Oliver” Moran 1938-1988, he died after suffering an accident on a construction site in Coventry, England.
  • Anne “Nan” Moran b1939
  • Francis Moran b January 22, 1942, he married Marcella Gilsennan and lives in Milltownpass
  • Christopher “Noel” Moran, born December 10th 1944, he lives in Kilbeggan, Westmeath
  • Margaret Bernadette Moran, born September 25th 1945, married Anthony Heaton Staniforth and had three children, Anthony Staniforth, Claire Louise Staniforth and Anne Marie Staniforth.
  • James Anthony Moran, born 1948, he married Ann Gallagher before passing away on March 12th 1995, he was known for being a character and was nicknamed “Red’ due to his red hair.
  • Theresa Moran born March 30th 1951, she married Joseph Malone, a first cousin through her mother Ann Lynam’s sister Delia. The two live in Lucan, Dublin.
  • Elizabeth Moran, born April 22nd 1952
  • Geraldine Moran, born July 6th 1957, she married Seamus Poynton on September 4th 1976 and has a number of children, Shirley Poynton, Larry Poynton, Anne Poynton and Linda Poynton. They live in Rochfortbridge, Westmeath.

On the 1911 Census, John Joseph Moran is living with his family at House 15 in Milltown, he is with several siblings, Mary Kate, who went onto become a Nun before passing away in Drumcondra, Dublin. Lizzy and Patrick Moran, two twins, Patrick lived next door to his brother John during his life and he married Bridget Hannon and had several children including Patrick Moran 1921-1961, Peter Moran 1925-1952, Rose Moran, Agnes Moran (Still living in Rochfortbridge), and Joseph Moran 1926-2000.

John Joseph Moran with his father John Moran, likely taken in 1930.

Lizzy never married or had children, and actually lived in the family homestead by herself while working as a nurse throughout her life. The finally brother was Peter Moran, a man that would only live to the age of 37, passing away in 1930.

The parents are John Moran, a Catholic man from Milltownpass, and Catherine Whelehan, another woman from the nearby townland of Drummand, Milltownpass.

In 1901 the house is listed as House 19, which was likely the old homestead that Lizzy remained in during her lifetime. John and Catherine (Kate) are still the Head of the family, and Peter, Patrick and Lizzie are with them, there is also another daughter, 10 year old Mary Moran. Mary passes away on December 18th 1905 which explains her absence from the 1911 Census.

John Joseph Moran married Anne Lynam in 1930, she was the daughter of Patrick Lynam and Mary Kavanagh of Monganstown, they would go onto live in Milltownpass, working as a farmer until his death on August 10th, 1972. His wife Anne Moran (nee Lynam) lived till June 30th 2000.

John’s father John Moran, listed as the head of the household on the 1901 and 1911 Census records passes away in Milltownpass in 1934 at the age of 77, based on this age he was born in 1860. Based on the parish records at Milltownpass, he was baptised 28th July to Peter Moran and Elizabeth.

This is likely Peter Moran that married Elizabeth Gunning May 22nd 1845 at the Rochfortbridge parish church.

Moran family grave in Milltownpass

Elizabeth passed away in 1893 in Milltownpass, the man present at her death is husband Peter. Peter then passes away a widower in 1897 in Milltownpass. It is unclear where or when Peter Moran was born, his name does not feature on the records at Milltownpass so it seems likely he came from elsewhere. The only Moran listed on the Griffith land valuation is a William Moran at the Pass of Kilbride, Milltownpass. It is unclear if or how this man relates.

Although many of the 13 Moran children lived in England for many years, most of them returned to Ireland and still live in areas around Mullingar, the only two that remained in England were Carmel “Judy” Moran and Margaret Bernadette.