James Hounsfield

The Hounsfield family of Hackenthorpe are one of the most highly regarded and respected of the old local Hackenthorpe families. James Hounsfield of Hackenthorpe Hall is perhaps the most recognizable name in the village. In this article we are going to look into the Hounsfield family themselves, as well as their connections to the Staniforth family.

James Hounsfield was born in Sheffield on August 31st 1812 to Thomas Hounsfield. In 1845 he married Ann Jermyn Sheppard. Ann inherited Hackenthorpe Hall through her mother Mary Jermyn. Mary was the daughter of John Jermyn and Alice Newbould and Alice’s father John Newbould built Hackenthorpe Hall in 1653.

James and his wife are recorded as living at Hackenthorpe Hall by 1864 and in 1875, he completely rebuilt it, leaving only the original stone inscription bearing the initials of John and Alice Newbould, and the date 1653.

In 1893 James built a leisure room for the local workmen. The population at the time was largely made up of Sickle and Scythe smiths working at the local Thomas Staniforth & Co works. The room, known locally as the Reading Room contained a full sized Billiards table and a public reading room.

James also founded the Hackenthorpe Cricket Club and the family kept a connection to cricket as his great grandson Thomas Hounsfield played for Derbyshire County Cricket Club.[5][6]

Hackenthorpe Hall

James also went onto serve as Vice Chairman for the first and second School Boards for Beighton, and donated £250 towards the building of Christ Church, Hackenthorpe.

As previously stated, James’ wife Ann Jermyn Sheppard was the daughter of George Sheppard and Mary Jermyn, and Mary had a sister Jane Jermyn that married Samuel Staniforth of Bramley, Eckington.

This Samuel Staniforth was the son of Samuel Staniforth of Bramley and Sarah Staniforth of Attercliffe. This particular connection was noted by Joseph Hunter through his research in the 19th Century, and is one of a few references that stand out showing the Attercliffe/Wincobank lines were still close to the Derbyshire Staniforths

Further down the line, Ethel Jermyn Hounsfield, the daughter of James’ son Thomas Hounsfield married John Hibbard. John Hibbard was the son of John Hibbard and Louisa Staniforth of Greenside House, Hackenthorpe, this basically gives a link between not only the Hounsfields. Newboulds and Jermyns, but also a link we can use between the early Attercliffe/Wincobank Staniforth lines as well as the (currently) mysterious Staniforth line from Bramley Hall.

James Hounsfield passed away on July 9th 1902, the family crypt can be found in the churchyard, near the entrance to St. Mary’s, Beighton.