Died 1623, Sheffield, England

When looking at the early Sheffield Parish Register, a few names stand out amongst the uniform Christian names such as John, Thomas. George, William etc. One of these names is Humphrey Staniforth, a man that appears on the Sheffield Parish Burial records on February 19th, 1623. But who was Humphrey?

The first mention I can find of a Humphrey Staniforth is a will that was proved February 26th, 1552 for a man named John Parker of Ecclesfield, amongst the witnesses is a Sir Edmund Robinson, chaplain, Robert Blunt, gentlemen, Edward Bower and Humphrey Staniforth. This is yet again another Staniforth-Parker Connection.

There are also two Humphrey Staniforth marriages in 1597 to Catherine Bower, there is then a burial record for Catherine, wife of Humphrey dated 27 May 1603, and on October 24th, 1603 he remarries to Anna Rollinson, and it appears Humphrey worked as a Town Trustee as he is recorded on various years

In 1600 Humprey Staniforth is listed as collecting rent.

In 1607 Humphrey and Nicholas Staniforth, constables are paid.

We also find two sons baptised to Humphrey on the Sheffield Parish Register, Robert Staniforth on October 19th, 1606 and Nicholas Staniforth on March 11th 1612.

Although Humphrey's origins are unknown, the connection to Nicholas, the Parker family and Ecclesfield makes it likely that he is a relation to William Staniforth of Wincobank, however this is yet to be proven.