Reverend Oswald Staniforth, was born George Edward Charles Staniforth in 1865 in Erith, Kent. He was the son of Charles Staniforth, an accountant and Agnes Henrietta (nee Woodbridge). His father was a British subject born in Smyrna, Turkey, and his mother a British subject from France.

By age fourteen he was attending the St Augustine's College, Canterbury. He worked as a missionary during the Boer War, serving with the British Army in South Africa. He lived in various places over his life including Kent, Yorkshire, Wales and had worked as a missionary in California and Montreal.

Oswald wrote a number of books during his lifetime, including:

  • The Saint of the Eucharist, Saint Paschal Baylon, Patron of Eucharistic Associations (1905).
  • Sketch of St. Louis King of France
  • Life of St. Francis

He passed away at a Monastery in Wales in 1930, due to living a life dedicated to his faith, he never married or had any children.