Elijah Naboth Staniforth was baptised on the 30th August, 1790 in Eckington, Derbyshire. He was the son of Thomas Staniforth and Mary Bayley. On the 25th December 1816, he married his first cousin Ann Staniforth. Ann was the daughter of William Staniforth, brother to his father Thomas, and was a notable grocer who's sons and grandsons went on to run Tea shops and corn mills in Sheffield.

In 1841, Thomas was living at 'Moor Hole' Mosborough with his wife Ann and their numerous children. This residence was most certainly Mosborough Hill House, a large home which still stands today, which Elijah built himself. We also see references to a second hall he built 'in the valley below sometimes called Mushroom Hall'. His will states that he was a Sickle manufacturer.

Elijah Naboth Staniforth and his wife Ann Staniforth had ten children in total:

  • Eleanor, Baptised 15th October 1817
  • Luke, Baptised 29th November 1818, died 19th November 1834
  • Mary Ann, baptised 18th June 1820, she went onto marry George Gillott Rose
  • Sarah, baptised 5th January 1823, she married Thomas Kirkby
  • George, baptised 18th July 1824 he married twice, Ann Hartley and Jane Susannah Kirkby
  • Joseph, baptised 7th July 1826, he married Ann Crawshaw
  • Elizabeth, baptised on the same day, 7th July 1826, died 4th June 1889
  • Thomas, baptised 18th February 1832, died 5th January 1856
  • Harriett, baptised 15th March 1834, she married James Bolsover
  • Elijah Naboth Staniforth, Baptised 25th October 1835, he passed away 28th March 1847

Elijah passed away on November 30th, 1842 at 'Moorhole Mosbro' with the official cause of death being simply 'Diarrhea'. His wife would go on to live a further 15 years, passing away on the 24th September 1857. She appears on the 1851 Census as a widow, living with her 17 year old daughter Harriett and a servant Benjamin Nicholson, and her occupation states: 'Farmer Of 90 Acres Employing 2 Man'

Credit to Sam Brooks for taking and sending the photo of Mosborough Hill House