The Wicker in more recent years

Samuel Staniforth, born December 8th 1747, was the eldest son of Samuel Staniforth and Mary Ash. He was also the elder brother of Sheffield Surgeon William Staniforth, a man we wrote about here.

Samuel was described in the pedigree charts of the famous Sheffield Historian, Joseph Hunter in his research on local families in the 1800s, and he notes that it was Samuel’s father Samuel that provided much of the information.

Samuel took after his father and worked as a mercer, or linen draper, it is recorded that he was a tall, thin, sedate old gentleman that wore a white cravat, with a full ruffled shirt front. He was celebrated for his horticulture, spending the majority of his time growing flowers and fruit in his garden, which was a large plot of land enclosed with high brick walls on Occupation Road in Grimesthorpe. Joseph Hunter notes that the land was just above Mr. Bailey’s Gates at Burngreave. The garden house was later turned into The Gardener’s Arms.

Samuel was said to be seen often walking home along The Wicker, slow and stately with a large bouquet of flowers or a basket of fruit in his hand. His shop was located on Castle Street and it was said he worked next to his brother William Staniforth’s Occulist shop near Water Lane. Samuel also served as one of the Sheffield Town Trustees.

He died unmarried in 1826, and was buried at the Sheffield Parish Church.