Sheffield, England

1858 Advertisement

Hoole, Staniforth and Co was a Tool manufacturering company based in the Minverva Works in Sheffield, England.

The company was founded in the late 1830s and was managed by Rowland Staniforth (1818-1853), son of Thomas Staniforth of Hackenthorpe, notable for running Thomas Staniforth & Co. and Henry Hoole. James Gray also played a role, as the company was originally named Hoole, Staniforth and Gray however this partnership ended in 1850.

The Company was featured at the 1855 Paris Exhibition

Rowland Staniforth died in the Lincoln Asylum, and Edgar Allen and Company acquired the brand.

Although the company is largely unknown in the modern day, Hoole, Staniforth & Co. was one of many tool manufacturing businesses that helped Sheffield become known around the world for it's quality Steel products.