W.T Staniforth advertisement

William Thomas Staniforth was born on March 28th, 1821 in Sheffield, England. His father Joseph Staniforth was a Grinder.

William was married to Sarah Jackson, and based on advertisement fliers from the time, he established his Cutlery firm in 1842.

He appears to have lived at various address throughout Sheffield, in 1871 he is living on Albert Road, 1881 Eldon Street, and it is interesting to note that on the 1871 Census, he is listed as being a Cutlery Manufacturer employing 10 men and 7 boys.

On the 1881 Census, his occupation is recorded as Pocket Knife Cutler (Manufacturer employs 20 men)

Throughout his marriage he four children:

  • Mary Staniforth, born 1842
  • Jane Staniforth, born 1849
  • William Thomas Staniforth, born 1857, following his father’s death he emigrated to Canada and passed away in York, Ontario in 1944
  • Sarah Staniforth born 1863

W.T Staniforth's 'Ascend' Mark

William Thomas passes away in Sheffield in 1890.

On the 1891 Census his son is listed as a Cutlery Manufacturer, it seems likely he inherited his father’s business. There is also a curious Patent office record in Canada from 1901 which reads ‘JOHN WALTER BIGGINS, trading as William Thomas Staniforth, Sheffield, England, Cutler and Edge Tools, 30th August, 1901’

Although the company did not last long into the 21st Century, W.M Staniforth, and his Ascend mark is still remembered for its quality products, most popular of which were his Razors.