1873-1927, Beighton, Derbyshire

William and Martha's Headstone, Beighton

William Henry Staniforth was born April 29, 1873 to Joseph Staniforth and Martha Mitchell. He was born in the village of Hackenthorpe, in the parish of Beighton, Derbyshire. Shortly after his birth, his father passed away.

On the 1881 Census, we find William living with his mother Martha and her new husband James Armstrong, by this point his mother had already had children with her new husband at their home which is simply as recorded as being '28 Hackenthorpe'

On the 1891 Census, William is living with his sister Emily Staniforth (1863-1946) and her husband John Henry Turner at Main Road, Beighton. He is 17 years old at this point, and is a Mason's Apprentice to John Henry Turner, himself being a Stone Mason

A few years later in 1894, William marries Martha Bradbury (21 July 1873 - 10 May 1940). The two would have a son, Joseph Henry Staniforth born October 22, 1896.

On the 1901 Census, William and Martha are living at '107' Sothall Green, Beighton, he is now described as being a Mason & Bricklayer, living with his wife and his 5 year old son.

The Staniforth home at Sothall

On the 1911 Census, he is once again at Sothall Green, he is now 37 and is simply described as 'Builder Home'. Also present in the home is 75 year old widow Amelia Bradbury, his mother-in-law, as well as his son Joseph Henry Staniforth, now a 15 year old apprentice to his father.

William is later mentioned in the deeds related to Brook Lane, Hackenthorpe that were linked to Charles Heaton Staniforth, his first cousin. Charles' father was Stephen Staniforth, brother to William Henry's father Joseph, both being the sons of John Staniforth and Mary Linley.

The deeds related to Charles' death that same year, his two surviving sons Samuel Heaton Staniforth and Herbert Heaton Staniforth appear to have hired their cousin William as a contractor for their father's properties. The document is signed by William and it is noted that it was signed in the presence of Martha Staniforth, his wife.

It is also worth noting that Charles made William executor to his will, and on his headstone in Hackenthorpe Christchurch, the initials W.H Staniforth can be found in the bottom corner, clearly showing William used his Stone Mason skills to create a headstone for his cousin.

William Henry Staniforth passed away July 31, 1927, his probate record reads:

Joseph Henry Staniforth and wife Mary Anora with their daughter Betty and her daughter Linda, 1955.

Staniforth, William Henry of Hill Crest, Sothall Green, Beighton, Derbyshire died 31 July 1927 at the Royal Infirmary Sheffield Probate London 16 September to Joseph Henry Staniforth, builder. Effects £1501 192 6d

He was buried in the Churchyard at St. Mary's Church, Beighton. His son Joseph Henry Staniforth went onto have five children with his wife Mary Anora Duckitt, including John Thomas Staniforth, a man well known in Beighton village.