Samuel Heaton Staniforth

Samuel Heaton Staniforth was born on October 18, 1877 to Charles Heaton Staniforth (see our article on Charles here) and Anna Miller at #1 Brook Lane, Hackenthorpe. He was one of 12 children, although two died in infancy. One of his brothers was Herbert Heaton Staniforth (see our article on Herbert here).

Like his siblings, Samuel attended Hackenthorpe School, being admitted on January 7, 1884.

On the 1881 Census, the family are residing at Brook Lane, Charles Staniforth is a 29 year old Coal Miner, Ann 27 and there are 5 children in the household, Edith Heaton Staniforth, aged 8, Norah Heaton Staniforth aged 6, Eliza Heaton Staniforth aged 4, Samuel Heaton Staniforth aged 3, and Edwin Heaton Staniforth aged 1. Also in the household is Charles’ Widowed Father, a Gardener aged 66.

On the 1891 Census, still residing at #1 Brook Lane, Charles Heaton Staniforth is now 39, still working as a Coal Miner, Anna is 1, Samuel Heaton Staniforth is now 13, and already working as a ‘Pony Driver in Colliery’. Edwin is still at school, now aged 11. Also in the household is 9 year old son Walter Heaton Staniforth, 7 year old Beatrice Heaton Staniforth, 5 year old Lilly Heaton Staniforth, 1 year old Alice Heaton Staniforth and Charles’ 75 year old Widowed father, Stephen Staniforth, now a Retired gardener.

Samuel with his wife Annie

Samuel married Annie Drury in 1898 and by the time of the 1901 Census, Samuel and his wife are residing at 4 Brook Lane, with his parents still residing at 1. His Brother Herbert Heaton Staniforth is now residing with his family, aged 8. Samuel is working as a Coal Miner Hewer, now aged 23, the same age as his wife. The two have a daughter, May Heaton Staniforth, less than a year old. The two would have a son Alfred Heaton Staniforth in 1899, however he would pass away shortly after. Another infant death would follow in 1907 when Nelly Heaton Staniforth was born, she passed shortly after.

By the time of the 1911 Census, Samuel and his wife are now 33. They are still residing at 4 with his parents Charles and Ann still residing with son Herbert Heaton Staniforth at 1. May Heaton Staniforth is now 10 and she has two brothers, Charles Reginald Heaton Staniforth aged 6, and Willis Heaton Staniforth aged 1.

The two would have two more children, Kate Heaton Staniforth in 1912, and Samuel Heaton Staniforth in 1914.

Samuel’s mother would pass away in 1915, and his father would follow in 1917, the two are buried at Christ Church, Hackenthorpe. Following his death, an indenture (read here) was written showing Samuel Heaton Staniforth and his brother Herbert Heaton Staniforth seeking conveyance for 6 houses on Brook Lane, formerly owned by their father. They are described as ‘Purchasers’ We also see a similar Mortgage indenture (see here) where the homes are listed as being 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 Brook Lane in the occupations of Samuel and Herbert themselves, George Farrar, Charles Barker, Thomas Gyte and P Pearson. J Pearson was Josiah Pearson, the husband of their sister Eliza Heaton Staniforth, and Thomas Gyte married Norah Heaton Staniforth.

Samuel and Annie's Grave at Hackenthorpe

A final indenture from 1922 (here) shows Herbert Heaton Staniforth agreeing to the sale of his share of the homes to his brother Samuel. By the time of the 1939 Register, Samuel Heaton Staniforth is still residing at #1 Brook Lane with his wife Annie and their youngest son Samuel, now working in the Colliery himself. Herbert is still residing next door with his with Edith and their sons Winsor, Horace and Albert, and daughter Hilda Heaton Staniforth. Also around the corner on Sheffield Road is Walter Lilley, the widow of Beatrice Heaton Staniforth.

During this time, the terraced housing on Brook Lane where demolished during the Slum Clearances, and Herbert was forced to relocate to Beighton Road. Samuel however, residing in #1, was able to remain as his house was detached.

Samuel’s wife Annie passed away on May 23, 1958, Samuel followed on June 20 1964. The house on Brook Lane was left to the 5 children, however the youngest son Samuel Heaton Staniforth offered to purchase his siblings shares and resided at the home during his lifetime.

Samuel Heaton Staniforth II

Samuel Heaton Staniforth the younger married Edith Marsden, and they had two daughters, Winifred, born 1943, she would go onto marry John Newstead and have a family of their own, and Joan E Staniforth, she married Clifford Edley. The younger Samuel Heaton Staniforth passed away September 1, 1998. The house again was passed to the two daughters before passing to Winifred’s children upon her death in 2013.