Herbert with his wife Edith holding baby Winsor and mother-in-law Annie

Herbert Heaton Staniforth was born on the 19th of September 1892 at #1 Brook Lane, Hackenthorpe. He was the son of Charles Heaton Staniforth and Ann Miller.

Herbert attended Hackenthorpe Infants School and is recorded as being admitted ‘as of 01 June 1900’

On the 1911 Census Herbert is the only child still living with his parents at Brook Lane, by this stage he was 18 years of age and is listed as a Pony Driver (Underground). It is likely that he worked at the nearby Birley West Pit.

On November 23rd 1913 he married Edith Bannister, the daughter of James Bannister and Annie Allen of Unstone, Dronfield. On the marriage record, Herbert Heaton Staniforth and Edith Bannister note their residence as 77 Bard Street, Charles Heaton Staniforth and James Bannister are both recorded as fathers, and the pair marry at St. John’s Sheffield.

Although it is not known why the couple resided in Sheffield prior to marrying, however their first son Winsor Heaton Staniforth In May 1914, so Edith would have been pregnant at the marriage, it is likely this could have played a part.

By the time of the 1939 Register, Edith and Herbert are back in Hackenthorpe, living on the street Herbert was born, at #3 Brook Lane. Herbert’s older brother Samuel is living next door at his birthplace #1 Brook Lane.

On the 26th December 1919, Herbert is listed in the Petty court listings:

Herbert (second from left) with Reg and Percy Rippon and Fred Unwin outside Rippon's Shop Kiosk, Hackenthorpe.

‘Hackenthorpe – Herbert Staniforth, miner, Hackenthorpe, was summoned at Eckington for keeping a dangerous dog at Beighton. It appeared from the evidence that the dog flew at and bit a little boy living at Moor Hold, Mosbro, who was running down the lane. – The bench made an order for the dog to be kept up’

There is then a follow up a few days later:

‘Summoned at Eckington, on Tuesday for keeping a dangerous dog at Hackenthorpe, Miner, Herbert Staniforth, was ordered to pay the costs and to keep the animal under proper control.

Mrs. Sarah Ann Lilley, of Moorhole, Mosbro, said the dog bit her eight-year old son. Defendant said that Lilley’s child was in the habit of teasing his dog’

Herbert and Edith had 3 sons and a daughter during their marriage:

  • Winsor Heaton Staniforth, born 15 May 1914, he married Olive Beauchamp from Intake and had twin sons, Anthony and Michael. Winsor died 9th Feb 1998.
  • Horace Heaton Staniforth, born 24th January 1918, he married Rose Evelyn Sadley, the pair had no children and Horace died in 1996.
  • Hilda Heaton Staniforth, born 19th August 1920, she married Hadley Lyne of Swallownest and had two sons, David and Derek.
  • Albert Heaton Staniforth, born 23rd August 1930, he married Winifred Margaret Molloy and had two daughters, Julie and Pauline. Albert passed away in 2010 at Ridgeway.

Herbert worked as a Coal miner his entire life, following the slum clearances he moved from Brook Lane to a house down the road on Beighton Road. From here he moved onto Station Road, Halfway.

Herbert with grandaughter Pauline Staniforth

By the time of his death on the 3rd January 1970, he was living at 6 Westwell Place, Mosborough. Winsor, his son was the informant.

Edith, his wife, would go onto live another seven years, passing away in February 1st 1977. Both Edith and Herbert were cremated.