John Staniforth and Mary Linley's signature on their Marriage record.

John Staniforth was baptised on May 5th, 1787 at St. Mary’s Beighton. He was the son of Stephen Staniforth and Alice Wragg. John followed in his father’s footsteps and worked as a Sicklesmith, appearing on the Apprentice records taking his freedom in 1805.

On June 27th, 1814 he married Mary Linley at St. Mary’s Beighton, Mary was likely the daughter of Peter Linley. Both Mary's and John's families were from the village of Hackenthorpe. The couple would have nine children together:

  • Stephen Staniforth, baptised on May 27th, 1815. He married Ann Heaton (nee Clayton), the widow of Charles Heaton. Ann was the daughter of Samuel Clayton and Sarah Staniforth, another daughter of George Staniforth and Ann Barker.
  • Charles Staniforth, baptised on June 27th, 1817, he married Harriet Smith at the Sheffield Parish Church before passing away in 1817.
  • John Staniforth, baptised on May 16th 1820, he married Jane Foster and lived in Sheffield, passing away in 1895.
  • Peter Staniforth, baptised on November 9th, 1823, he died an infant, being buried in Beighton Churchyard on January 12th, 1825.
  • Sarah Staniforth, baptised on March 3rd, 1825
  • Elizabeth Staniforth, baptised September 23rd, 1827
  • Anne Staniforth, baptised January 18th, 1831, she married Frederick Stevens
  • Joseph Staniforth, baptised August 10th, 1834, he married Martha Mitchell
  • Susanna Staniforth, baptised February 26th, 1837, she married Eli Holden Garlick and died in 1868.

On the 1841 Census, John is living in Hackenthorpe with his wife and children Stephen, Elizabeth, Ann, Joseph and Susanna.

John passes away in 1849, his wife Mary appears on the 1851 Census as a widow with son Joseph and daughter Susannah. In 1861 she is living with son Joseph, and granddaughter Ellen Stevens.

Mary Staniforth (nee Linley) passes away in 1871 in Hackenthorpe.