Greenside House in 2017.

Greenside House is a large residence located near the junction of Beighton Road and Main Street in Hackenthorpe. Throughout the homes existance, it has been the home of many families, including the Staniforths that operated the Thomas Staniforth & Co. Sickle and Scythe Works next door. On this page we will document the history of this grand building.

One of the earliest mentions of ‘Greenside House’ comes is from 1736. Joshua Hancock purchased a house named ‘the Green-Side House at Hackenthorpe’ from Samuel Green (This is likely the same Samuel Green baptized at Beighton in 1676, son of Samuel). Joshua was the son of Rebecca Staniforth and Gervase Hancock. Gervase was a Sicklesmith from Mosborough. Rebecca was the daughter of William Staniforth and Lydia, the couple that moved from Ridgeway to Hackenthorpe to establish the Staniforth family in the village. William and Lydia’s son Samuel was the father of Thomas Staniforth that founded Thomas Staniforth & Co. Sickleworks. Earlier in 1727, Samuel Staniforth sold a ‘messuage, cottage or tenement with part of an Orchard’ to his nephew Joshua Hancock for 21 shillings.

Fast forward a hundred years, and Greenside House is back with the Staniforth family. By 1827, Thomas Staniforth is listed as a Freeholder of Greenside. This Thomas Staniforth is Thomas Staniforth III, the son of Thomas Staniforth and Sarah Hurt, whose own father Thomas Staniforth was the son of the same Samuel Staniforth, uncle of Joshua Hancock.

By 1832, Thomas Staniforth of Greenside, Hackenthorpe was leasing the Nether Wheel at Normanton Spring from the Lord of the Manor. He was also renting Rainbow Forge from George Shephard of Hackenthorpe Hall. His name appears on the Beighton Electors for 1836-7

At the time of the 1841 Census, Thomas is 55, living at Greenside with his wife Ann (Hibbard), with his children Mary, Alfred, Mark, Sarah, John and Hugh Staniforth. A number of servants are also in the home. Thomas Staniforth III died on October 11th 1847, he was buried at St. Mary’s Beighton the next day. A valuation of his property was recorded which included a dwelling house, pleasure grounds, garden and orchard, cottages, warehouses, counting house, carriage house, joiners shop, grinding wheels, forges, steam engine machinery as well as twenty seven workshops. Following his death, his son Thomas Staniforth IV moved into Greenside.

On the 1851 Census, Thomas is recorded as employing 128 men. He was living with his wife Mary Jane (Hardy), the daughter of Dr. Robert Hardy of Eckington. In 1861, Thomas now 50 is still residing at Greenside with his wife Mary Jane, and children Thomas, Sarah Elizabeth, Walter, Mary Jane, Harriet Ann, Emma, Carolina and Louisa Staniforth.

The White’s Directory for Hackenthorpe in 1871 lists Thomas Staniforth, sickle, reapting hook and scythe manufacturer, as well as also listing him as a farmer of Greenside House. At the time of the 1871 Census, Thomas now 60 is living with his wife Mary Jane, and children Sarah Elizabeth, William and Walter. Thomas Staniforth IV died on September 24th, 1873. His widow Mary Jane Staniforth remained at Greenside House, as she is listed living there at the time of the 1881 Census as a widow with two servants, however at the time of her death in 1887, her address was recorded as Brunswick Street, Sheffield. Upon the death of Thomas, the business was left to his son William Staniforth and his son-in-law John Hibbard (the wife of Thomas’ daughter Louisa Staniforth).

Emma Staniforth, born at Greenside in 1847, daughter of Thomas Staniforth and Mary Jane Hardy.

John and Louisa Hibbard (Staniforth) are living at Greenside at the time of the 1891 Census, and in In March 1893, an announcement was made in the London Gazette announcing the dissolution of William Staniforth and John Hibbards partnership. The notice proclaims that all debts due and owed were to be paid by John Hibbard, and from that point forward all business would be carried on by him. William died a few years later in 1900 marking the first time it was being operated by anyone outside of the Staniforth family.

On the 1901 Census, John is described as ‘Scythe Sickle and Edge Tool Manufacturer’ still residing at Greenside with his wife Louisa and son John Hibbard Jr. By the end of March 1908, the company had an overdraft of £3000 and John Hibbard was forced to take out a bank mortgage. He incorporated the business into a Limited Company, making himself Chairman and Managing Director and his two sons John (Jack) and Rowland being named Directors. John Hibbard Jr. passed away two years later at the age of thirty seven.

Finally in 1911, John Hibbard, now 65, working as an Edge Tool Manufacturer at Greenside, is living with his wife Louisa, sister Beatrice Ann Hibbard, son Rowland and a servant. This marked the end of an era at both Greenside House, and Thomas Staniforth & Co, as on December 19th 1911, a meeting was held:

A resolution was passed:

‘That it has been proved to the satisfaction of the Company that this Company cannot by reason of its liabilities continue in business and that it is desirable that the same should be wound up voluntarily and that the Company be would up accordingly’

Within months of this resolution the running of Thomas Staniforth & Co was in the hands of a new partnership that consisted of Alderman W.R. Fox, Alderman E. Peat, Councilor A.E. Hall, Mr. John Jermyn Hutton (Member of the same Ridgeway Sickle Smithing family that competed with the Staniforth's for centuries) and Mr. Charles Helliwell. This marked the end of the Hibbards association with Thomas Staniforth & Co.

In 1912, Greenside House was sold to a dealer named Isaac Friend, he sold the house back to the Staniforth’s the following year. It remained in the family’s possession until 1937. John Hibbard and Louisa moved to Crookes, Sheffield. Louisa died in 1920 and John followed three years later, the cause of death was Tuberculosis.

On Monday, May 28th 1923, the following Death notice is given:

Death of Mr. John Hibbard - The death has occurred in a nursing home of Mr. John Hibbard of 125 Whithan Road, Sheffield, in his 78th year. Mr. Hibbard has been connected with the firm of Mssrs. Thomas Staniforth and Company, makers of agricultural implements of Hackenthorpe where he lived at Greenside House until about eleven years ago. Since then he has been interested in the engineering industry. He was a Freemason and was interested in the Reform Club in addition to being a member of the Iron and Steel Institute he was associated with the Chamber of Commerce. A widower, he leaves a son and daughter. He will be buried in the family vault at Beighton

About 1923, probably as the result of the departure of Peat and Hall, the Freehold Works as a going concern and Greenside House were offered for sale by private treaty: The complete auction listing is as follows:


Works, land, steam engine, boiler, fixed plant and machinery.

THE PROPERTY IS FREEHOLD and is situate on both sides of the MAIN STREET of HACKENTHORPE, near Sheffield. The site contains 1 a. 1 r. 4 p., or thereabouts.

THE BUILDINGS, which are stone and brick comprise: Time Office, Store Rooms, Suit of Offices, Warehouses and Show Rooms, 10 Workshops and Store Rooms with Chambers over, 3 Sheds, Range of Store Rooms and Workshops with Chambers over. Range of Grinding Wheels, Corn Mill and Store Chamber, Edge Tool Warehouse, Machine Cutting Shop, Two Chimney Stacks, Six Furnaces, Engine House and Boiler House, Yard and Sheds. Also Store Yard with Sheds and other Erections on the opposite side of the Main Street.

GARDEN TOOL DEPARTMENT THE FIXED PLANT & MACHINERY consists of 50-60 H.P. STEAM ENGINE by “Edge & Co.” Bolton; LANCASHIRE BOILER, 28 ft. x 7 ft. x 6 ins.; all Main and Counter Shafting, with fixed Pulleys and the following Machinery: - MACHINE SHOP Large Punching Machine by “Mitchell”, Scythe Back Rolling Machine, Punching Machine by “Acaster”, Steam Hammer and Tools by “Barran”, Screw Cutting Lathe by “Crampton”, Large Turning Lathe, Large Planing Machine, Large Drilling Machine, 2 Cupboards and Beds and Punches belonging to the fixed tools. Small Punching Machine by “Walker”, Ditto by “Theaker”, 10 H.P. Horizontal Engine and Bed, Sickle Marking Machine, 4 cwt. Steam Hammer by “Stacey”, Punching Machine by “Johnson”, Large Punching Machine by “Hattersley & Davidson, Tang Turning Machine, Hot Sawing Frame and Saws, American Trip Hammer by “Jellyman”, Ditto own make, 2 cwt. Drop Stamp, 1 cwt. Steam Hammer by “Woodhead”, Double Punching Press, Portable Hearth complete, Single Geared Shearing Machine, Double Geared Drilling Machine by “Parker & Marney”, 5 cwt. Steam Stamp by “Evans”, Silent Blowing Fan 9”, 17 pairs Vice and Benches in various shops, 3 pairs Edge Tool Shears by “Bridge”.


Emery Wheel, Stone Block and Fan.


Large Bending Machine for Hooks, Small Ditto for Sickles, Small Blowing Fan by “Parker & Marney”, Hardening Oil Tank, Steam Trap by “Parker & Marney”.


Two Double Tedding Machines, Small Ditto


3 H.P. Vertical Engine by “Parker & Marney”, Wood Shaping Machine for Hatchet Handles, Hearth and fixing, Vertical Glazer for reaper sections, and Sand-papering Lathe.


Grinding Machine for Reapers and Swaging, 3 Ditto for Sickles, 2 Ditto for Sickles, 22 Grinders’ Troughs, Centrifugal Pump.


Heating Apparatus and Feed Tank.


Old Boiler used as Water Tank, Barring Winch and Rope, Saw Mill and Saw Bench, Crane, Crap and Rope, Powerful Shearing Machine with Stone Bed, Power Grindstone and Frame, Grinding Machine for reaper sections.


Large 2-storey building erected 3 years ago. Powerful Punching Machine by “Acaster & Co.”, 2 Socket Presses, 1 Rumbler, 3 Hand-flys, 3 Vices, 3 Anvils, Hand Shears, Hand Tools, 2 Wood Turning Lathes, Shafting and Pulleys, Pump for well, also Gearing.


4 Wood Turning Lathes, Shafting, Pulleys and Belting.


Hot Air Boiler.


Remainder of New Catalogues, which cost £300 three years ago.


Crane and Wire Rope.


Loose Working Tools and Plant, Office Furniture, Horses, Vehicles etc.

This Lot comprises:- 63 Anvils, 2 Lathes, 3 Emery Machines, Grinding Machines, 12 Glazing Machines, all with Bands complete; 50 Pulleys and Bands, 3 Boring Machines, 2 Weighing Machines (including large one by “Avery”), 23 Water Boches, 3 Bending and Gristing Machines, 39 Bending Plates, 70 pairs Fly Tools, 5 Tedding Machines, 33 Punches and Beds for Reaper Sections, Machinery for Garden Shears, Grinders’ Horses, Stones, Chains, Pulleys and Troughs, Water Tanks, Piping, Special Tools for Hoes, Cultivator Points and Sickles, &c., 14 Vices, Bellows, 10 Tue Irons, Hearth Plates, Joiners’ Benches, Special Scythe Tools, Drilling Machines, Power Shears, Boxes, Tortoise Stoves, Cupboards, Lamp, Safes, Office Furniture, 2 Typewriters, and Fire Extinguishing Apparatus. Drays, Carts, and Cart Covers; 3 Horses, Oats, Maize, &c.


Stock-in-Trade and Raw Material, estimated to be worth at stock prices about £6,000.

This Lot consists of: - Finished and unfinished Scythes, Sickles, Slashing and Hedging Bills, Reaping and Cultivating Tools, Machine Knives, Axes, Hatchets, Light and Heavy Edge Tools, and similar goods. Also Garden Tools.

Raw Material for the manufacture of the above.

As the business is being carried on this Lot varies, and it is proposed that the sale price shall be the actual stock price as on the date of purchase.


The Goodwill of the Business and Valuable Trade Marks, Trade Names, Registered Labels and Designs, and Patent.


FREEHOLD RESIDENCE known as “GREENSIDE HOUSE” with COTTAGE adjoining (situate at Hackenthorpe), and Ornamental Gardens, Summer House, Greenhouse, Lawn Tennis Ground, Orchard, Outbuildings, with large Stabling and Yard and Carriage House, Acetylene Light Plant, and separate Building used as a Reading Room.

The Buildings are of stone and very strongly built, and the walling round the property is especially durable.

The Motor-‘buses from Sheffield to Mosbro’ pass Hackenthorpe road end.


THREE FREEHOLD COTTAGES with Gardens situate near to the Works.


A FIELD OF FREEHOLD LAND called “THE PINGLE”, containing 2 a, 2 r, 3 p, or thereabouts, with a Stone-built Shed. The land has a large frontage to Church Lane, Hackenthorpe.

John Hibbard

By the time of the 1939 Register, Albert Waddington (born 25 March 1894), his wife Winifred Frances (nee Stacey) (born 2 April 1900) and children Betty, Marjorie Rose, Pauline, Jose and Patricia May are living at Greenside. Alberts occupation is ‘Representitive of Wholesale Mfrg Optivia, with his elder children being Chemist Dispensers. During this time one of the outbuildings at Greenside was used as an A.R.P (Air Raid Precautions) warden’s post, this was later moved to the Reading Room on Main Street.

On the 1941 Hackenthorpe Directory, Albert Waddington is named as living at Greenside House.

During the 1950s, the home would be sold to Dr. George Hockley Pagdin (18 August 1926 – 26 November 2014) and his wife Joan (nee Cullabine) (1930 - May 13 2018). Dr. Pagdin is well remembered in the village, and he operated his surgery from Greenside House.

The Pagdins sold the home in 1998, and it has been used as a private residence ever since. The family that purchased the family from the Pagdins sold the house at auction in 2020, and a new family resided in the home before it was again listed for auction in 2022.