There are many place names around the world related to the Staniforth surname, below you will find a list of a few of these places, if there are any we have missed, please contact us at

Staniforth Road, Darnall

Named after the large Staniforth family that made their home in Darnall from the late 1300s through to the 19th Century. In particular was Samuel Staniforth and his wife Alethea of Darnall Hall, their son Thomas Staniforth went onto become the Lord Mayor of Liverpool. Samuel and Alethea are buried in the nearby Attercliffe Hill Top Chapel.

Staniforth Road, Thetford, Norfolk

Staniforth Road in Thetford is named after the George Wild Staniforth of Kings House, upon his death, he bequeathed the home and gardens to the residents of Thetford, and today a trust is ran in his name.

Staniforth Avenue, Eckington, Derbyshire

Staniforth Avenue in Eckington is named for the large Staniforth family that were involved in Sickle and Scythe smithing in the parish. The Staniforths resided and worked in Eckington itself, as well as the nearby villages of Mosborough, Ridgeway, Ford and Troway.

Staniforth Crescent, Todwick, South Yorkshire

Staniforth Crescent in Todwick is named for the line of Staniforth's that descended from Eckington, that married into the Ball family of Todwick and Kiveton Park.

Staniforth Street, Birmingham

Although it is uncertain which family Staniforth Street in Birmingham is named for, it is clear there was a small Staniforth family that resided in Birmingham in the 18th Century.

Staniforth Range, Papua New Guinea

Staniforth Range, in the Gulf Province in Papua New Guinea is named after Miles Staniforth Cater Smith, Australian politician who played a role in the passing of the Papua Act 1905 which saw the transfer of the territory of Paupa from Britain to Australia.

Stanyforth Crescent, Kirk Hammerton, Yorkshire

Stanyforth Crescent is named for the Staniforth family that resided at Kirk Hammerton Hall, namely Ronald Thomas Stanyforth, former Army Officer and England Cricket Captain.

Staniforth Place, Liverpool

Staniforth Place in Liverpool is named for Thomas Staniforth, former Lord Mayor of the city, and his son who occupied the same role.

Staniforth Road - Kaiwaka, New Zealand

Another Staniforth Road that has unknown origins, it was likely named for an emigrant that resided in the area.