Hackenthorpe, Derbyshire

Thomas Leslie Platts (centre) with Rosamund Du Cane, Jane Stubbs and the Pagdins outside Greenside House, Hackenthorpe, 1997

The Platts family of Hackenthorpe have been in the village for over a century.

On the 1871 Census, we find the Platts family residing on Occupation Road, Hackenthorpe (This would later become Occupation Lane). The head of the family is George Platts, a Farm Labourer and native of Brampton-en-le-Morthen. His wife Leah is also in the household, along with sons William aged 11, George aged 4 and Arthur aged 3, there are also two daughters, Agnes aged 8 and Mary aged 7.It appears the family came to the area via Intake, as on the previous census in 1861, the family are residing in the village. George’s wife Leah was a native of Nottinghamshire, with the couple marrying on December 23, 1858 in Eakring.

On the 1881 Census, the family are still living on Occupation Road, however George is now working as a Colliery Labourer. His son William is now a 21 year old Coal Miner, George is a 14 year old Coal Picket and Arthur is a 13 year old Sickle Warehouse Boy. There is also an 8 year old daughter, Sarah Ann Platts.

On the 1891 Census, George is now 70, working as a Coal Screen Man, son Arthur Platts is a 23 year old Engine Tender, and a grandson Bernard Raney is also in the home, a native of Hackenthorpe.

By 1901, Leah is widowed, still living on Occupation Road with a boarder, Fred Hardwick of Ridgeway. By 1911 she had moved in with her daughter on Queens road, Agnes Ellen Reaney, also a widow.

George Platts is buried in Beighton on June 7, 1893 at the age of 71, his wife is buried with him on April 22, 1916.

Although George passes away at the end of the 19th Century, his sons remained in the village. One such son, William Platts, Married Clara Thompson of Hackenthorpe on December 30, 1889.

Brian Platts (1932-2020)

On the 1901 Census, William and Clara are living at Bramall Yard, Main Street, Beighton. William is a 41 year old Coal Miner Hewer, he has sons Arthur aged 10 and William aged 2, he also has two daughters, Elias aged 9 and Annie aged 6. By 1911 they are residing at #2 Brook Lane, next door to Charles Heaton Staniforth. Arthur is now a 21 year old Coal Hewers Filler, and William Is assisting in home duties. There is now another daughter Jessie aged 6 as well as sons Joseph Platts aged 6, and Leslie Platts aged 3.

Leslie Platts would later appear on the 1939 Register living at 9 Bramall Yard with his wife Catherine Anne (nee Snowdon) and his son, the late Hackenthorpe historian Thomas Leslie Platts, born July 31, 1931.

Another son of George Platts and Leah Thompson was George Platts, born 1867. George married Martha Hunt at Beighton on March 9, 1891. Martha was a Staveley native. Following their marriage, the couple are residing at Normanton Springs.

On the 1901 Census, George and Martha are living on Main Street, Beighton, George is a 34 year old Pit Top Labourer and he has two daughters, Beatrice aged 8 and Edith aged 6, they also have a son George Platts aged 5.

By 1911 they have relocated to #9 Brook Lane, not far from his brother William.

On the 1939 Register we find George living at 12 Main Street, Hackenthorpe with his wife Martha, he passes away in 1950.

His son George married Mary Greaves in 1926, the family are residing at #2 Main Street in 1939, and there are three children with them Roy Platts born 27 March 1929, and twins Bruce and Brian Platts born 29 August 1932, a daughrer, Molly would also follow. Brian Platts would remain in the village throughout his life, he married Jean Ellis in 1959 and resided on Main Street. After spending 60 years on the street, his daughter Jillian finally convinced him to move just a few doors down, to a bungalow on Hutton Croft. He was a keen gardener and bingo player and was known by all in Hackenthorpe and the surrounding area as being a great character. Brian sadly passed away on February 10th, 2020 at the age of 87.