Sickle, c1894

This Sickle is on display in the Weston Park Museum in Sheffield. Based on the label, and the lack of the term 'Severquick', this scythe is pre-20th Century, as this trademark was only used in the 1900s. The scythe itself is typical of that time period and features a simple wooden handle. These scythes were popular amongst farmers around the world, and based on 19th Century advertisements, the company was exporting to countries such as the United States, Canada, Russia and Mainland Europe.

Hatchet, c1940s

This hatchet is a great example of a Staniforth Severquick hatchet. Based on the label and the use of the name Severquick, this axe likely dates to the 1940s. The head is also stamped with the Staniforth Severquick mark.

The label is interesting as it features a workman striking an Iron Bar with the axe, complete with the caption 'Every Tool Tested As Shown By Illustration' As well as the 'TS' Thomas Staniforth & Co mark.

Overall this is a fine example of how the tools smithed in the Thomas Staniforth & Co works were built to last.