Sheffield Deeds
1610 STANIFORTH, Thomas, of Barby-Don, gent., written 17 May 1610. Beneficiaries: wife Mary; cousin John STANIFORTH of Darnall; nephew Lawrence STANIFORTH of Darnall; niece Jane HEWITT; the two daughters of cousin William STANIFORTH; John son & heir of John STANIFORTH of Darnall; Thomas STANIFORTH of Sheffield; son Adam STANIFORTH of Owston; cousin Robert FRETWELL of Hellaby; Francis HALL; grandchildren Francis BINGLEY & Dorothy BINGLEY.
1615 STANYFORTH, Nicholas, of Tynslawe, yeoman, written 28 Jun 1614. Beneficiaries: son Robert STANYFORTH, £10; daughter Elizabeth WALKER, 12d; godchildren, 12d each; wife Johan*, her widow's portion & the tuition of the children. Witnesses: Thomas SHEPLEY & Thomas GALLAND. [Proved 5 Oct 1615].
1639 STANIFORTH, Nicholas, Sheffield, cutler, written 21 Jun 1638. Beneficiaries: sister Rose WORRALL, £5; god daughter Elizabeth SLACK daughter of Richard SLACK, 12d; brother Robert STANIFORTH*, rest of goods & chattles. Witnesses: William STANIFORTH & William LEE.
1649 STANIFORTH, Thomas, the elder, Sheffield, hardwareman, written 12 Apr 1649, eldest son Thomas STANIFORTH, younger son John STANIFORTH, daughter Ann CRAWSHAW wife of William CRAWSHAW, wife Frances STANIFORTH*, 'loving friend' John STANIFORTH, of Darnoll. Witnesses: J. STANIFORTH & W. WADSWORTH.
1670 STANIFORTH, Nicholas, of Redcroft, Sheffield, sheather, written 13 Sep 1669. Beneficiaries: cousin William MOWE (or MOSSE), 1s, & to Sythe his wife, 1s; Phillip MILNES, 1s; wife Katherine, rest of goods & chattles. Signed Nicholas Staniforth (x). Witnesses: Gilbert ROBERTS & Jo: STYRING. [Proved 12 Jan 1670].
1673 STANIFORTH, James, Sheffield, cutler, written 12 Apr 1673. Beneficiaries: loving wife Mary, "the house etc. where I now dwell & house, apputenances etc. purchsed of Nicholas BAMFORTH called Bamforth house"; daughters Margaret, under 20 years, £50; daughter Ann wife of Thomas JENNINGS; sister Elizabeth wife of Thomas BARBER, £5; Thomas BARBER son of said Elizabeth, "one vice & profit of one cottage house in Water lane, called Bof house..for ten years" & then to Mary BARBER & Hannah BARBER children of said Elizabeth; Benjamin PEARSON, Elizabeth PEARSON & Mary PEARSON children of Thomas PEARSON, of Sheffield, cutler, 20s each; John LOCKWOOD, "put to me as parish apprentice", 30s. Signed J.S. Witnesses: John STANIFORTH & Jo; STYRING.
1679 STANIFORTH, Luke, Sheffield, scissorsmith, written 4 Nov 1679, wife Martha STANIFORTH*, son James STANIFORTH, John STANIFORTH & Hannah STANIFORTH children of brother John STANIFORTH. Witnesses: William STANIFORTH, William BIRLEY & Jo: STYRING.