Thomas Staniforth of Darnall, Co. York by Joseph Wright of Derby

Joseph Wright of Derby is well known for his portraits, and this particular oil painting shows Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Thomas Staniforth, the son of Samuel Staniforth & Alethea Macro of Darnall Hall, Sheffield. Joseph painted this portrain when he was staying in Liverpool between the years of 1768-1771. The painting has been in the possession of the Tate Gallery since it was presented to them by the Friends of the Tate Gallery group in 1965.

Mrs. Thomas Staniforth, by Richard Cosway

This particular watercolour is dated 1796, and was painted by Richard Cosway, another well known British artist. The woman in the painting is Elizabeth Staniforth (Goore), the wife of the above Thomas Staniforth of Liverpool. The painting is now in the possession of the Cincinatti Art Museum.