NameBurial DateAgeFatherNotes
Ada Emma6/8/195897 Widow Died at Fir Vale Infirmary, Removed from Sheffield Parish
Albert18/2/188337 Died at Woodseats
Amelia11/10/192977 Spinster, Died at Woodseats, Removed from Sheffield Parish
Ann11/2/189176 Widow, Died at 6 Northumberland Road, Removed from Sheffield Parish
Ann13/5/192480 Widow, Died at 6 Oriel Road, Removed from Sheffield Parish
Albert29-10-19091 Son of Sarah Staniforth, Died at 26 Little London Place, Removed from Sheffield Parish
N/A22/2/19020 Stillborn, Died at 5 Clarke Road
Elizabeth25/1/191367 Widow, Died at 766 Chesterfield Road, Removed from Woodseats Parish
George22/12/195376 Retired, Died at 10 Hutcliffe Drive, Removed from Sheffield Parish
Harriet Ann14/3/194171 Spinster, Died at City General Hospital, Removed from Sheffield Parish
Henry9/7/192438 Warehouse Manager, Died at Eyre Arms, Removed from Retford Parish
James C5/3/191766 Hotel Waiter, died at 127 Woodseats Road, Removed from Woodseats Parish
John F30/4/189645 Silver Smith, Died at Wadsley Asylum, Removed from Sheffield Parish
John Raymond15/4/199374 Retired, Died at Bassetlow District Hospital, Removed from Sheffield, Cremated
Joseph7/11/18771AlbertDied at Woodseats
Kate13/4/191227 Wife of T.E Died at 64 Mount View Road
Mary24/2/194577 Spinster, Died at 22 Athol Road, Removed from Woodseats Parish
Ruth Mappin25/8/18737 Weeks Daughter of Prudence Staniforth, Died at Norton Hammer
Sarah29/9/191336 Wife of George, Died at 23 Thirlmere Road, Removed from Abbeydale Parish
Sarah7/12/190462 Widow, died at 43 Button Lane, Removed from Sheffield Parish
Thomas28/3/187974 Farmer, Died at Herdings
Thomas22/9/19034 MonthsAaronDied at 36 Athol Road
Thomas29/9/191674 Retired, Died at 42 Chantry Road, Removed from Woodseats Parish
William Robert5/3/193561 Publican, Died at Three Horse Shoes Inn, Removed from Derby
Winifred20/10/191716 MonthsAlbertDied at 77 Nettleham Road, Removed from Woodseats Parish