NameBurial DateAgeFatherNotes
Ada6/2/191023 MonthsIsaiah Staniforthof Darnall
Agnes6/10/18552 Grave purchased by Thomas Staniforth of Darnall
Alice Mary13/4/18795 Months From Barnsley
Amelia19/9/189868 Died 483 Attercliffe Common
Amy Hawke12/10/18731 of Darnall
Anne Elizabeth9/2/1910 Isaiah StaniforthOf Darnall
Anne Maria20/3/18715 Of Darnall
Anne Maud20/3/18715 Purchased by John Staniforth of Darnall
Annie12/3/192969 Widow of Sheffield, died at 41 Pearce Road
Arthur23/9/19081 DayGeorge HenryDied at 10 Uttley Street, of Darnall
Charles25/1/188077 Scale Presser of Darnall
Chas Ephram2/6/187120 Miner of Darnall
Dinah Ann6/4/1920  Widow of Darnall, Died at 285 Shirland Lane
Edith28/2/18946 Months Of Attercliffe, Died at 18 Faraday Road
Edwin Arnold16/10/189815 Weeks Of Sheffield, Died at 23 Asline Road
Eliza7/11/189353 Widow Of Attercliffe, Died at 26 Beverley Street, Purchased by Alice Reeve
Elizabeth4/1/18622 Days  
Elizabeth9/4/190076 Widow of Darnall, Died at 46 Basford Street
Elizabeth28/10-190646 Wife of Fred Staniforth, of Attercliffe, Died 27 Beverley Street
Elizabeth4/1/191640 Spinster of Attercliffe, Died at 26 Beverley Street
Emily10/12/193678 Spinster of Sheffield, Died at South Yorkshire Mental Hospital
Emma1/9/193068 Widow of Sheffield, Died at 6 Washington Close
Ephraim27/3/189061 Miner of Attercliffe, Died at 24 Huntsman's Row, Purchased by Amelia Staniforth
Fanny Maria29/12/18673 Died at Darnall
Frances Sarah14/4/192378 Widow of Attercliffe, Died at 553 Attercliffe Road
Frank12/10/18741 Died at Darnall
Fred8/12/192561 Boiler Firer of Attercliffe
George Henry29/4/19204SidneyDied at 20 Cresswell Road, of Darnall
Hannah4/7/187320 Died at Bradford, Purchased by Henry Staniforth of Bradford Parish
Helen Edith17-4-195372 Widow of Sheffield, Died at 41 Clifton Crescent
Henry24/7/189876 Miner of Darnall
Henry8/10/191982 Labourer of Darnall, Died at 114 Jubilee Road
Jane Sarah11/11/104879 Of Sheffield Parish, Died at 30 Regent Street
John25/5/18617 Months Died at Darnall
John30/8/18631 Died at Darnall
John25/4/187572 Died at Darnall
John18/9/191783 Retired Butcher of Attercliffe, Died at 553 Attercliffe Road
N/A16/5/18680JohnStillborn Child of John Staniforth of Darnall
John Cecil2/12/193737 Engineed, Died at 11 Mandeville Street
Joseph21/3/18802 Died at Attercliffe
Laura23/11/194881 Spinster, Died at 105 Titterton Street
Lewey4/12/191544 Timekeeper of Attercliffe, Died 38 Kimberley Street
Marjorie5/10/19183 MonthsSidneyDied at 20 Cresswell Road, of Darnall
Martha Ann14/6/18655 Died at Darnall
Mary10/8/187364 Died at Darnall, wife of a Miner
Mary4/7/187578 Died at Darnall, Wife of a Scale Presser
Mary Annie25/2/195482 Widow of Sheffield, Died at 38 Kimberley Street
Rowland14/4*192342 Wages Clerk of Darnall, Died 3 Wellington Place
Sarah31/7/191879 Spinster of Darnall, Died 5 Studley Road
Sarah Ann26/11/189546 Wife of Henry Staniforth, of Darnall, Died 28 Coventry Road
Sarah Ann7/2/192453 Of Sheffield, Died at 27 Beverley Street
Sarah Elizabeth9/3/187014 Died at Darnall, Spinster
Sydney23/3/193144 Carter of Sheffield, died 82 Vauxhall Road
Thomas21/12/186243 Miner, Died at Darnall
Thomas23/2/191963 Blacksmith of Darnall, Died at 43 Pearce Road
Tom29/8/189054 Labourer of Attercliffe, Purchased by Fred Staniforth
William22/12/18702 Weeks Died at Attercliffe Purchased by John Staniforth of Darnall
William13/6/188718 Months Died at Darnall
William18/1/196858 Baker of Darnall, Died 67 Brooke Road
William Edward16/8/188330 Died at Carbrook
William Swinden14/5/192153 Stone Mason of Darnall, Died 285 Shirland Lane
Winifred8/11/199173 Cremated, Retired of Sheffield, Died at Northern General Hospital
N/A19/33/18610HenryStillborn of Darnall