NameBurial DateAgeFather's NameNotes
Alfted Staniforth31/3/1828Infant Died infant at Darnall
Alfred Staniforth7/9/186914 Died at Attercliffe
Alice Staniforth5/9/188021 Died at Attercliffe
Amelia Staniforth12/6/18393 Died Harvest Lane of Whooping Cough
Ann Staniforth19/12/18202 Died Attercliffe Poor House
Ann Staniforth23/1/189376 Died at Attercliffe
Anne Staniforth8/9/181935 Died at Darnall
Anne Staniforth18/2/182668 Died at Sheffield
Anne Staniforth15/7/183844 Died at Attercliffe of Typhus Fever
Annie Staniforth23/5/19052 Died at 6 Court Sanderson St, East Brightside
Arthur Staniforth16/7/1838Infant Infant Died at Sheffield
Caroline Staniforth12/12/1814Infant Died at Darnall
Charles Staniforth2/1/182232 Died at Harvest Lane
Charles Staniforth7/6/1829Infant Died at Attercliffe
Charles Staniforth19/11/187958 Died North Sheffield
Charlotte Staniforth9/8/18161 Daughter of Mary, Died at Bridge Hill
Edith Staniforth14/8/18921 Month Died at Attercliffe
Eliza Anne Staniforth4/12/18204 Died at Sheffield
Elizabeth Staniforth16/5/182029 Died at Wicker
Elizabeth Staniforth26/3/182865 Died at Darnall
Elizabeth Staniforth14/7/188280 Died at The Mount, Sheffield
Ellen Staniforth12/8/18371 Died at Darnall of Smallpox
Ephraim Staniforth2/9/1817InfantThomasMother Mary, died at Darnall
Ephraim Staniforth19/9/182681 Died at Darnall
Frederick Staniforth29/4/1855Infant Died at Attercliffe
George Staniforth11/5/18234 Died at Sheffield
George Staniforth19/10/1824Infant Died at Sheffield
George Staniforth30/6/183389 Died at Bridge Houses, Old Age
George Staniforth12/6/183663 Died at Darnall
George Staniforth25/12/1838Infant Died at Darnall
George Staniforth4/4/18828 Months Died at Attercliffe
George Staniforth28/6/189075 Died at Brightside
George Henry Staniforth8/3/189547 Died at 509 Attercliffe Road
Gertrude Staniforth10/8/185426 Died at Westbourne, Sheffield
Hannah Staniforth4/3/18235 Died at Wicker
Hannah Staniforth25/5/183765 Died at Darnall
Harriet Staniforth4/7/182033 Died at Sheffield
Harriet Staniforth20/5/18222 Died at Harvest Lane
Harriet Staniforth8/4/1830Infant Died at Darnall
Harriet Staniforth4/6/184223 Died at Hopferara Bavaria Inflammation of lungs. AM. Erasure W.M.
Isaac Staniforth27/2/182831 Died at Wicker
Isabel Staniforth15/3/18251 Died at Sheffield
James Staniforth25/1/18163JohnDied at Darnall
James Staniforth10/6/18284 Died at Bridge Houses
Jane Staniforth15/5/18143 Died at Darnall
Jane Staniforth19/11/18352 Died at Darnall, Typhus Fever
Joel Staniforth8/2/188670 Died at Attercliffe
John Staniforth23/4/181533 Died at Bridgehouses
John Staniforth14/12/18211 Died at Nursery
John Staniforth7/12/182330 Died at Darnall
John Staniforth25/6/1827Infant Died at Neepsend
John Staniforth26/11/183914 Died at Darnall, Typhus Fever
John Staniforth25/1/184854 Died at Westbourne, Sheffield
John Staniforth1/4/186042 Died at Sheffield
John Staniforth11/5/18748 Died at Attercliffe
John Staniforth6/6/187763 Died at Attercliffe
John Staniforth31/8/187963 Died at Brightside
John Vickers Staniforth9/12/1832Infant Died at Sheffield
Joseph Staniforth26/4/18211 Died at Darnall
Joseph Staniforth22/6/183437 Died at Darnall, died in Coal Pit
Joseph Staniforth26/6/189220 Months Died at Attercliffe
Martha Staniforth25/5/181879 Widow, Died at Sheffield Park
Martha Staniforth7/4/1833Infant Died at Attercliffe, Small Pox
Mary Staniforth2/11/181571 Widow, Died at Attercliffe
Mary Staniforth9/12/181734 Widow, Died at Bridgehouses
Mary Staniforth10/8/182319 Died at Attercliffe
Mary Staniforth14/7/182661 Died at Darnall
Mary Ann Staniforth21/6/18837 Died at Attercliffe
Matthew Staniforth26/11/182617 Died at Darnall
Matthias Staniforth30/5/1838  Died at Attercliffe
Miles Lowley Staniforth13/2/185727 Died at Sheffield
Nancy Staniforth10/12/183530 Died at Darnall, Decline
Samuel Staniforth30/9/182082 Died at Darnall
Samuel Staniforth27/2/182678 Died at Sheffield
Samuel Staniforth5/5/18402 Died at Bridge Houses, Scarlet Fever
Samuel Herbert Staniforth14/8/182550 Died at The Mount, Sheffield
Sarah Staniforth15/1/185071 Died at Neepsend, Burnt
Sarah Staniforth20/11/189275 Died at Attercliffe
Sarah Ann Staniforth11/5/18745 Died at Attercliffe
Thomas Staniforth15/9/182232 Died at Darnall
Thomas Staniforth2/7/1825Infant Died at Darnall
Thomas Staniforth27/6/184015 Died at Darnall, Typhus Fever
Thomas Staniforth24/11/18411 Died at Attercliffe, Measles
Thomas Staniforth22/1/189149 Died at Attercliffe
Walter Staniforth10/11/18372 Died at Darnall, Sudden
William Staniforth30/6/182244 Died at Neepsend
William Staniforth6/5/18235 Died at Sheffield
William Staniforth24/12/183383 Died at Sheffield, M. Decay
William Staniforth4/7/183547 Died at Sheffield
William Staniforth26/5/18406 Died at Bridge Houses, Scarlet Fever
William Staniforth7/5/1845Infant Died at Sheffield Moor
William Staniforth12/6/18453 Months Died at Darnall
William Staniforth6/6/186055 Died at Sutherland Street, Sheffield
William Staniforth6/6/186045 Died at Sheffield
William Vickers Staniforth6/2/1836Infant Died at Sheffield, Whooping Cough